Up and down the stairs

Time to do it    
 This sign has the right idea.

Time to do it
This sign has the right idea.

Well yesterday I really hit the stairs, I triple walked the stairs between my desk and the bathroom/kitchen/living room about 6 times and double walked them 2 or 3. I double walked the stairs between kitchen and tv room another couple of times and it is amazing that I feel a burn in my thighs and even though I feel a bit silly sometimes, boy do I feel virtuous.

I also began spending at least half the time at my desk sitting on a big ball, which has me moving and stretching constantly. These are excellent beginnings to the 2/3s part of the program, here at home.

I did not walk down to the post office. I found many reasons not to. I could feel the opportunity come and go a couple of times during the day, and each time I could feel the voice saying “I should go, it would be good for me” battling with the voice of inertia and habit that says a gazillion sensible things why I can’t or shouldn’t right now. I do know that eventually I will be able to create a more equal argument in my self, because I have before. My intention is to produce an argument that is on the other side of that more equal one that has the voice of going out have the gazillion sensible things to say and the voice of staying back has only a weak sounding rationale.

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