Traveling Food

Traveling through airports and dealing with food has it’s own peculiar challenges. We flew first class from SFO to Chicago, which meant we were going to get breakfast on the plane. The plane didn’t leave until 9:30 and we had to leave the house at 6:30. So in getting up at 5:45 and not eating breakfast till 10:30ish on the plane is not a healthy way to start the day. Since we are headed east and adding hours to the clock by the time we pull into Chicago 3 hours later it is now 3:30ish Chicago time, 1:30ish CA time and 4:30ish Marquette time. Now we have a couple of hours in Chicago airport and we know we are going to eat dinner when we get to Marquette at 8:30-9. I know that I am going to get real hungry before we get there and of course I don’t want anything big or filling, just something to tide me over till we get to Marquette, so Karen wanders off to get a couple of brats in honor of MI. Then we get on the plane for MI and are met at the airport and of course our bags don’t make it and that delays us from getting back to the family who have finished dinner and have kept some for the two of us and we ate while everyone watched and had great conversation.

It was however a very difficult set of circumstances to keep an eye on moderation. It was also ideal for creating circumstances for unconsciousness.

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