Meals with my Family

My family can have an excellent conversation anywhere

My family can have an excellent conversation anywhere

My family are champion conversationalists. We know how to start a swirl of conversation that builds into a hurricane in mere minutes. This has always been a source of pride for me. We can find a vast array of different subjects to talk about and we have very little difficulty getting into personal conversations as well as topic based conversation. Pretty much everybody has been well schooled to have something to say about anything that is being talked about. Especially those in my generation. The younger generation is already looking for ways to either get in the conversation or to observe it.

This ongoing river of conversation usually starts sometime before dinner, moves right through dinner to long after dinner, with the dinner being served, eaten and cleaned up while the conversation continues. As lively and wonderful as this whole experience is, it does present a challenge in the area of consciousness towards food. At the buffet I noticed that I took a little less then I usually do, which is a good start. I also noticed that I was the last one eating at my table, which is highly unusual. One reason was I happened to be telling a story when dinner began and the talker eats more slowly then the listeners. The other reason was that I was attempting to be conscious of my eating while I was eating while not leaving the conversation. This proved to be very difficult. There was a moment when I looked down the table and noticed every plate was completely cleaned off and I still had some chicken and potato on my plate. At that point I was very aware of these two voices in my head one saying “you could stop here and feel very satisfied” and the other saying “ah what the hell, go for it and just finnish”. I paused and then finished. I was extremely proud of myself for the whole thing though. I was aware of those thoughts and of my hunger and fulness, while not losing touch with the conversation at all. Now the next step, which isn’t necessarily easy, is to listen to and act on what the voice of moderation says, which was the first voice of course.

Fortunately I will be getting several more quality opportunities to do that in the next few days.

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