Eating with a cold

Got a cold 
What to do?  Suck down the tea and soup and the cough drops.

Got a cold What to do? Suck down the tea and soup and the cough drops.

The desire to cook and to prepare foods goes down when I am sick and especially when both Karen and I have succumb. So we are at the end of this cold we picked up in MI while there with my family. I came home in better shape then Karen and made a delicious beef stew that was huge and would take care of us for the week so that neither of us would have to do much cooking or cleaning up. We both have been eating off this big pot of stew for the last 5 days. I was going to make another soup, a tantalizing Tom Ka Gai (Thai chicken coconut soup) and I was going to get all the ingredients when we went out to the movies on Friday but I never bothered to look at the recipe and forgot a couple of the key ingredients. The not looking at the recipe was a result of my dimmed consciousness that comes with the cold. It is like I am in a fog of semi consciousness and things are moving more slowly and I don’t seem to care as much about much of anything. And yet my cold isn’t as nasty as Karen’s, who is coughing and snorting a good deal more then I am.

As far as moderation goes it seems very tricky to moderate when all I am eating is a bowl of stew. The best moderation I can think of is to have only half a bowl which wouldn’t be satisfying or to realize that I just won’t have a second bowl, which would be my normal pattern if I was just eating stew in the past. I know that probably I need to head to the half a bowl place and my brain or my emotional habit just couldn’t do it. I think another thing to do is to have something else with the stew, like a salad or a sandwich and have half a bowl with half a salad or half a sandwich. I also have to convince my mindseye that a small bowl of stew is plenty for a meal. That is the main teaching to keep laying in.

I need to see plenty in a moderate amount of food. I no longer need to see “not enough”.

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