Movie and Dinner

At the Movies     What do you do with all that Popcorn?

At the Movies
What do you do with all that Popcorn?

Yesterday was a great day for consciousness and a medium day for moderation. I began the day with a “brunch” of a scramble of eggs, bacon and sausage that was half the size that I would normally have made, well maybe 2/3s the size, but smaller at least. The reason “brunch” is in quotes is that it was really more about me eating breakfast at 11:30 and then deciding to skip lunch. This is not a good plan. I really need to have a nutritional kickstart of my day in the morning and not wait until almost noon to eat. I will amend that more and more in the future. What happens is that I don’t feel like eating particularly when I get up, then I head up to the computer and start working and start to realize I am hungry around noonish and I don’t know what to eat so I eat without much consciousness. When I get into a routine of consciousness I eat a moderate and nutritious breakfast, not at my computer, and then eat a moderate and nutritious lunch, again not at my computer, followed by a moderate and nutritious dinner, not in front of the tv.

Karen and I went to the movies in Petaluma today to see Doubt with Meryl Streep, great movie by the way, we have gotten in the habit of getting two small popcorns and sharing a diet soda. We used to share the popcorn but we realize, after being married for 13 years, that we like different things on the popcorn and more importantly we can be conscious about how much we are eating when we are eating out of our own bag. Or so the theory goes. As I dug around in the bag for my last kernel of popcorn I recalled back to the eating of it and realized that I was actually not aware of eating the last half of the bag. I had an epiphany in the movie theatre, “I didn’t have to finish it”. I know that isn’t really a new thought but it is a habit breaker from as far back as I can remember.

Then we went to dinner at a new mexican restaurant near the movie theatre. We each had a marguerita and some chips and salsa, just a few though (which was a breakthrough) and then we split an appetizer of coconut shrimp, which were very good and larger then appetizer sized, I liked them a whole lot and ate twice as many as I needed to. I think I ate them for some sort of silly reason like, “they’re so good I can’t let them go to waste” or something like that. But my memory recalls that just like the popcorn I had had enough about half way through. We then split an entree of grilled chicken breast and potatoes done up special and the chicken when split felt like the right amount and I could have had a few less potatoes.

For the most part I am celebrating my increased consciousness of not just the moderation end of things but the causes of my eating and inability to stop, the habits and taproot issues that I am finding as I get more conscious. This is all good and will lead to a profound reshaping of my intention and will.

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