Eating at home alone

Conscious eating while socializing. My practice this week is to have fun and be conscious of every bite I eat.

Conscious eating while socializing.
My practice this week is to have fun and be conscious of every bite I eat.

It is so much easier to follow my plan when I am alone. I know it is easier for Karen to follow her plan when she is alone too. When I am alone I can cook what I want when I want and eat it when I want. I can eat in silence and pay attention to what I am eating and notice my thoughts when I am not paying attention to what I am eating. I can savor the food much more and notice the relationship between the food and my body.

I miss Karen when she is gone, and I know she misses me, we have loads of connection and relaxation time when we are together. We are aware of and support each others programs and are conscious of any colluding we might do or want to do and for the most part don’t. So what makes things easier when I am alone? Well I am feeling absolutely no responsibility for anyone but myself. As the cook in the family I think I do take on responsibility for feeding the two of us when Karen is here. I like that responsibility and I love cooking and eating for Karen and I do realize that when I add that to the mix it does make it more difficult for me to stay conscious and make the moderation choices that I can make when conscious.

This of course is not just about Karen, it is about social eating and cooking as well. I am about to head into a 5 day meeting with the Leaders of the Leadership Program and most of the meals will be shared and boisterous conversation will be had over meals. So I am giving myself the challenge of staying conscious while eating at those functions, at least conscious with each bite. I am imagining it going like this; talk, talk, talk, bite & chew with consciousnes, return to the talk, talk, talk talk, etc. So that when I am lifting my fork to put something into my mouth my primary focus shifts from the conversation to the fork and the food on it until it is past being chewed and the fork is back down on the plate.

One response to “Eating at home alone

  1. Carol
    Henry, I love reading about this journey you are on. AND I mostly love hearing the inner dialog you are having. It helps me articulate much of what I go through and slows it Waaaay Down enough to even look at. So getting the Not Eating at Computer and Not Eating at TV bit. The zombified eating is 100% Unconscious. And so very easy for me to do!

    Thanks for being this real topic fully in front and letting me/us walk with you. (2-3 times more than normal!)

    Monday, January 12, 2009 – 10:31 AM

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