Chima – The Element of Fire

Chima - fire The creative and destructive force of fire.

Chima - fire
The creative and destructive force of fire.

Today I am beginning a 4 day ceremony or process that is an assignment that I have in the training I am doing with my teachers in New Mexico. I am sitting with questions that have me look into my destiny and my intentions. Each day of the four days will be spent with one of the “Four Daughters of Beauty”, each daughter represents one of the 4 elements. In the east sits Chima who is Fire and is all about creativity and sparking things, she lights up the universe and warms us at the same time. So today in my post I want to bring in the energy of Chima.

I eat food so that my body can burn it and turn it into energy. When I eat too much food it is like putting too much wood on a fire all at once. The fire actually stops burning or it begins to go out and as the pile of wood continues to grow to quickly it will eventually be a big old pile of wood and no fire will remain.

Moderation has me putting less wood on the fire so that it can be fully burned up and used well and it isn’t about depriving the fire or starving it to see how small it can get but about restraining myself from getting to eager to feed the fire and feeding it just enough to keep it hot and bright.

If I should forget and put a couple logs too many on I need to just be patient with myself and with the fire and let it build again. Then I just get back to slowly feeding it. If I feel guilty and go unconscious I could just keep over feeding it, stuffing it with hopes of some flame only to see it be snuffed out. So I need to just return to the fire and blow on it and get conscious of what it needs and feed it appropriately.

So how has food been going the last few days? Well when I was in the dip there after the Tribe Gathering I got a little unconscious and put a little too much wood on the fire. After posting about this in 2/3s I pulled myself back together and did a good job yesterday.

I had a small bowl of cereal with berries for breakfast
✓ I ordered a cheeseburger and fries at my favorite hole in the wall for lunch and only ate a little more then half the burger and ate less then half of my normal amount of fries. This place gives such an enormous amount of fries it is impossible to measure by the amount given, instead I had to feel when I was satisfied, or in the metaphor of the fire I had to put just enough fries in to get the fire burning bright and no more.
✓ For Dinner I had a piece of fish (which I cooked terribly and couldn’t even eat the whole thing) that was half of what I would normally have taken and had some risotto, about a third of normal size.

This was a great day on my program and I anticipate today even being better

One response to “Chima – The Element of Fire

  1. carol
    I love that image of too much wood on the fire, putting it out. I just ate one too many pieces of (delicious, which was the issue) toast and feel that big ole hunk of wood. Thanks for this sharing Henry. Keep on keeping on!

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009 – 06:21 AM

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