Moriella – the element of Water

Moriella float and flow dip and dive no problemo

float and flow dip and dive no problemo

Today I am soaking in the soothing embrace of Moriella the second daughter of beauty and the element of water. She lives in the south of the medicine wheel and is all about emotion, trust and power. As I sip my tea, look out at the surf rolling in, and feel my freshly showered body I am aware of the water flowing in and out and inside of me all of the time. Flowing, going with the flow, emotional flexibility and stability, and trusting myself and my intention. These are the powerful qualities I am floating in today.

I am posting this in 2/3s today because I am aware that I want to keep slipping more and more into the flow of movement in my life. That’s what movement is really, a constant and ongoing flow. There are parts of me moving all the time, especially an eccentric like me where there is always something moving somewhere. It is the ability to break the dams of inertia and free the flow of movement that is what I am getting more and more conscious of. The natural state of this body that my spirit is living in is to be moving and flowing and somewhere some part of me has convinced the rest of me that my natural state is prone on a couch or recliner. Sure I know that my world has colluded very effectively with that part of me, giving me all sorts of ways to make it be recliner like in every moment as I move from bed to chair to car seat to chair to recliner to bed, and I move from screen to screen in my life that has some sort of chair or recliner in front of it. I am aware that I am moving through life like many many other humans. Somewhere I made the decision to dam up my natural flow of movement and in doing that I have created a lifestyle that keeps me growing bigger and bigger behind that dam.

So step one is to do what I am currently doing to become conscious of the flow or lack of flow of my movement in my life and to double or triple the flow. Which I am proud to say that I have been doing better and better at. My thighs have a nice burn on them from all the double and triple walked stairs from yesterday. I didn’t go up or down a single staircase without at least doubling it. I sat on my ball most of the day at the computer, instead of a chair, which is just awesome for opening up the flow in my back and stretching my legs.

Moriella float and flow dip and dive no problemo

Moriella float and flow dip and dive no problemo

Step two is to “Step away from the screens” and to move my body outside the house. This is a conscious act that is, at this point, extremely difficult for me. It is as important as eating at a table or counter. It is good to do it first thing in the morning and in my life I have done that and the energy is always “whew I got that over with” and then rush to the screen. So it isn’t truly that I am changing or transforming something, instead I am reluctantly inserting something into my life. Instead I need to break a habit or pattern and replace it with something. So I am going to experiment this week with taking a break from my screens and going out to do something physical in the early afternoon after lunch. Today I am going to the beach to meditate and hang out with Moriella, tomorrow I am going to drive up to Guernville and visit Armstrong Woods and hang out with Ehama and on monday I am going up to Elephant Rocks to hang out with Wahoma. Then we’ll see what shapes up after that. I have this wonderful period here of no leadership programs for the next 6 weeks or so which means I can really start to break some habits and set in some.

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