Wahoma – The element of Air and Wind

Elephant Rocks     Aptly named these huge wind shaped rocks stand at the top of the hill on the way down to my place.  A great place to meditate in the wind

Elephant Rocks
Aptly named these huge wind shaped rocks stand at the top of the hill on the way down to my place. A great place to meditate in the wind

I went to bed with the intention of waking up around sunrise and going up to elephant rocks and meditating in the morning wind as the sun came up to sit in and receive the clarity of Wahoma. Well interestingly enough during the night the wind knocked down some power lines and all of my clocks were reset to 12:00 so I woke up in the dark at “12:00” thinking it was the middle of the night, when it was probably right around sunrise, and turned over and went back to sleep, only to wake up again around 8:30 with the sun up for over an hour and the clock magically reset. The first piece of new information about Wahoma is surprise. She isn’t a bit interested in the plan, she is all about action from the heart, clarity and wisdom from the heart. So I got up and showered and dressed and headed for Elephant rocks, which is right at the very top of the hill that you drive over to get down to our place on the beach. If the wind is blowing it will be blowing at Elephant Rocks. The rocks themselves were helped along in their shaping by the wind. So this would be a grand place to meditate with Wahoma. Up I went and found a perfect sitting rock and meditated in the wind. It was grand and forceful and crystal clear while being completely invisible.

It is about the force of movement, and it suggests very strongly a direction to move in. It best demonstrates the nature of power in the sense that it is something so clearly felt but not seen. I can only see the effects or impact of the power on others, but I can’t see the power itself. I can feel the power on my skin and clothes, I can see my clothing rippling in the wind and the hairs on my arms flattened, but I can’t see what is doing it.

Every breath that I take contains Wahoma and with out the ability to take a breath there is no life. What I breathe in must be clear air of Wahoma, because if it is not and it is filled with other stuff I will die. Wahoma can whip up fire, water and earth or flatten them.

This remarkable power so clearly lives in my chest where my heart beats and my lungs breathe. This is where the true impetus to move is. When this area is open and free I move spontaneously and in surprising directions.

Since I am posting this in 2/3s I want to reflect a bit on my journey into Armstrong Woods to be with the Redwoods and the Oaks and Ehama. I had steep and wonderful hike up through the redwoods and as I got closer to the ridge and left the shade and mists of the redwoods below and worked my way up and started seeing the Oaks growing every which way and tuning into the diversity of the woods. On the way back down the path I found a big old redwood stump and got up on it and sat in the soft middle of it for my meditation and it was far better then any zafu I have put my butt down on. The meditation was one of the best even though there were all sorts of animal and people noises all around me I held focus and stillness and empty mindedness with such power and ease. My body seemed to soak up the strength and stillness of the tree that I was sitting in.

So I have had a couple of adventures with the four daughters and have taken in some wonderful lessons from them.

Thank you teachers for this assignment

2 responses to “Wahoma – The element of Air and Wind

  1. Anonymous
    Hello beautiful Diamond Bear:

    Just a quick note of gratitude for your words about Ehama. They ground me in the midst of a busy day and remind of what is most important.

    Cooking really is such a beatiful thing. I do so love the nourishment and love that you offer with your cooking.. ..to me and most importantly to yourself.

    I love you

    Monday, January 19, 2009 – 04:10 PM

  2. DreamingBear
    Dear Diamond Bear:

    You have been in my dreams lately…in ceremony…directing the people ;-). I love what you are gifting yourself here.

    Something good and healthy I had this weekend, working on my four daughters at the same time you were: steamed onion and kale (cut the stalks off, and break into bite sized pieces), lightly toss in an elegant olive oil…and baked white fish with Penzey’s Sunny Paris seasoning, a bit of olive oil, topping the fish with sliced lemons or apple peels (if you make an apple crisp, this is a great use of the peels).

    I am on my own learning journey with food (gallbladder talkin’ to me).

    Big Bear Hugs!

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009 – 08:48 AM

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