Good Food

Fresh Veggies Isn’t it beautiful?  What an amazing thing that these beautiful and colorful items are so tasty too.

Fresh Veggies
Isn’t it beautiful? What an amazing thing that these beautiful and colorful items are so tasty too.

Good food has become so important to me. I don’t just mean food that tastes good or food that is well prepared, I mean food that is raised and harvested with care and love. Now when I walk into a grocery store I can’t tell what food may have been raised with care and love and so I go to the stores that display it beautifully and have locally and organically grown as much as possible. I belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and every week I go to a farm and pick up a bag of vegetables that are either grown on the farm or grown locally. So everything in the bag is also seasonal. I haven’t yet learned to only cook and eat what is in the bag for my veggies so I supplement it with some fruits and veggies I pick up at Whole Foods. The farmer and the other folks that work at the farm are all great people and it is really cool to see the hands that picked and sorted the food and to feel the energy of the place and the people where the food came from.

I get my beef and pork from a farm about 8 miles from my house. The animals are raised on grass and moved around the farm to care for the grass. They are raised completely on the farm and not sent off to fatten up in some feed lot. When it comes time to slaughter an animal, the “harvester” comes out to the farm and the animal dies in a non-stressed environment. Amazingly enough I can taste the difference in the meat of an animal that died happy, it tastes sweeter and more succulent. It makes me realize how important it is to the cells of my body to be happy and fulfilled in life. That my cells are sweeter and more succulent when I am happy and I have done what I can to create as stress free life as possible.

Last night I cooked a delicious pork roast with a roasted garlic rub and some baked potatoes from the farms and sauteed up some zucchini and shallots from Whole Foods. I sat down with Karen and we ate and talked and had a few stops for consciousness about the food. I must confess that I cleaned my plate and realized afterwords that the last 5 or 6 bites were more then I needed. So I am still learning how to be conscious and social simultaneously and sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing, and isn’t that the whole point’s

One response to “Good Food

  1. Karen
    Hi Henry:

    what a beautiful photo! You can just SEE the LIFE bursting out of the fruit and the vegetables. Talk about Abandonza!

    This reminds me to consider how much life giving energy a food item has in it. Doesn’t mean I can or cannot EAT it. .. and it’s good to consider and to experience the incredible NOURISHMENT of some foods and how they leave me feeling so filled full.
    Sunday, February 1, 2009 – 09:04 AM

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