Everyone wins!

Everyone wins!

Yesterday I hit the trifecta at dinner.

✓ I cooked an amazing dinner of Braised Short Ribs, Roasted Asparagus with truffle oil, and Root Puree and served it with a delicious Zinfandel.
✓ I had stimulating, engaging, deep and funny conversation with people I love.
✓ I only took what I needed of the food and ate consciously while staying in the conversation.

I went a tad unconscious with the wine and had a bit more then I really needed. So perfection is not attained and I am not sure desired at this point. Just scoring a rousing success on the top three is worthy of hootin and holerin.

The other good news is that in the past I have often snacked and grazed during all day design meetings. I have had food out and munched and invited others to munch as well. Sometimes it has been junk food and sometimes healthy but always there. Yesterday zero, none, a big goose egg in terms of snacking and grazing.

Finally the best news is that the meeting itself was a 10. Everyone was present and authentic and great work got done by all. No one, (not even me) dominated or tried to overpower anything and everyone felt empowered to contribute and receive feedback. It was truly a meeting of spiritual adults.

One response to “Trifecta

  1. The lonely spouse
    No coffee AND no cookies?! How did you manage to keep Paul there? Must have been some really stimulating conversation … 🙂
    Wednesday, February 4, 2009 – 07:19 PM

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