Moderation, Consciousness & Listening

chime     There is a tone that comes from a chime that almost insists that it be listened to and that I deepen my consciousness.

There is a tone that comes from a chime that almost insists that it be listened to and that I deepen my consciousness.

I just had a bowl of hot buckwheat for breakfast with a little bit of date and walnut bar broken up in it for sweetness. It was tasty and satisfying on this yucky rainy morning on the coast (wait that’s not quite fair, at this moment there are a couple of light blue streaks through the grey which are harbingers of a lightening up). Something was different this morning though, I didn’t hesitate to make just 1 serving according to the package instructions. This is new for me, with packaged cereal and grain products my mind had it made up that a single serving was for some very small person somewhere who wasn’t very hungry, or something like that. So I always made either 2 servings or somewhere in between 1 & 2 and then multiplied from there if I was making it for others in addition. Well this morning I didn’t even think about making 1 serving, and as I watched it cooked I even thought it might be too much. After it was cooked I put it in a small bowl and it came up to the halfway full line, or a little above and I said to myself, “hmm I wonder how that is going to settle.” I put a little butter and maple syrup into it and ate this delicious concoction. I got down to the last few bites and my belly was saying “I think I’m done down here”, and here is where this all goes upsidedown on me. My mind or someone somewhere inside said “Oh it’s so good and you did so well at moderating on the way to this point, why not just finish it up” So I did.

Now I am sitting up here at the computer writing this and my belly is a little “upset” “too full”. It is amazing how quick and adaptable that committee of voices are. Because they were so right I had done a great job at listening to my body’s needs and have begun to moderate the amount of food that is going on the plate to start with, yay. However consciousness doesn’t get to take a vacation and the connections made through consciousness are always the ones to listen and follow. There is no voice, thought, idea, concept, suggestion, opinion, experiment, opportunity, or sillyness that can trump that conscious connection. The more I can feel down into the cells of my body and listen for what is needed and have faith that what I hear there determines what it is I am going to do around anything I put in to my body or have my body do.

The lesson that keeps repeating itself over and over these days is that there is no point, and there never will be one, when I have “figured this out” and the moment I think I have I will have given myself the excuse to go unconscious and to stop listening.

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