2 Wise Women



I was talking to my friend Marjoleine yesterday about this blog. A great conversation was had and I am left with 2 or 3 thoughts kicking around in my consciousness.

The first is support and feedback, and how well or poorly I have set myself up to receive excellent support and feedback from anybody who might be reading this. I realize in my haste to carve out a space for myself that is “selfish”, where I don’t have to take care of anybody else or be responsible for their learning, I might have created a space where people who love me are not able to contribute to me. I also set up some clear boundaries for myself in terms of creating and following this program of 1/3 2/3s Moderation and stated quite clearly that I wasn’t going to be opening myself up to any more points of view on how I “should” be doing this or that I should check out this new diet or that new exercise philosophy. I made it quite clear that I was closed to adding anything new to my brain and that my training needed to be completely focused on tuning into the brilliance of my own body’s wisdom. HOWEVER in setting these boundaries up for my own focus and concentration I may have shut down some wonderful contributions from people that love me. So I want to declare here that:


I also realize that I am a grounded and powerful adult human who has set a clear intention and will continue to move both forward and down and deeper into connection with my own body’s brilliance. So I look forward to any comments, conversations or even advice that is out there. It can only serve me to either deepen my consciousness or strengthen my boundaries and both of these are powerful lessons.

The other thing I realized in my conversation with Marjoleine was how important it is for me to keep writing the facts and the repetitive stuff of my program. If I just engage in the consciousness conversation I can begin to use that as an excuse to avoid looking at the truth of what is actually going on. My logging of my 1/3 and 2/3s activities is the bottom line accountability and to not do it defeats the whole purpose of this blog. It is the measurement of the baby steps forward and backward that ultimately make up the entire journey.



Finally I had a conversation with my wonderful wife and life partner Karen about inspiration and acknowledgment and the acknowledgment of inspiration. Having realized from my earlier chat with Mar that, as I continue to get acknowledged by folks and hear about how inspiring I am, I can actually begin to feel a responsibility to show up and deliver more inspiration. This in turn can lead me, in my mind anyway, to value the inspiring more then the mundane. Even though the mundane is what drives the intention and the success of the endeavor. Well in my talks with Karen, the expert in my book on acknowledgment and inspiration, I have realized that over the years my main learning around acknowledgment has been in the receiving of it simply and purely as a gift with no strings attached, letting my heart fill with it and not immediately beginning to think of what I have to do to “pay it back”. I am learning to just be grateful and let it in without having to do a thing. The other thing I am always learning about acknowledgment is that once I let it in I can look at it and recognize several things; first that there is a gem in there that will deepen my understanding of myself, second that there is a gem in there that will have me know more deeply the person who is acknowledging me, and finally to notice how much more real and complete I feel to mySelf. When I can interact with acknowledgment that way I remove all of the burdens of reciprocation and tit for tat that sometimes I add on to it and have me not continue on my journey.

✓ Half a bowl of cereal and berries for breakfast (made half a large bowl and ate about 2/3s of it and threw the rest out).
✓ Cottage Cheese salad and Kim chee for lunch (ate it on a small plate and 2/3s of normal size and didn’t finish)
✓ Pork Stir fry over Quinoa for Dinner (had a bowl filled to about 2/3s of normal and finished it, however in the past I would have gone for seconds on this one bowl meal. )
✓ I ate at the counter at all three meals and was very conscious with Breakfast and Lunch and 3/4 conscious at dinner while talking with Karen.

One response to “2 Wise Women

  1. Hi Henry:

    Wow. …great post! In reading, something opened up for me around acknowledgment (which I am seldom able to spell correctly on the first try!). In the past, I’ve held acknowledgment as a gift (sort of like the rain) with no desire for anything. The “receiver” either “received” or they didn’t. The former was more satisfying for both parties, but that was about it.

    Actually, I think that is not completely true. ..when acknowledgment is sourced from love, it is a reaching for deeper intimacy. . . .to know and be known. We get into trouble when we think that the response “should” be X or Y or Z. . . .as in “now I have to acknowledge back”. That trying actually shuts down the very intimacy that is desired.

    When we respond from consciousness however and being present with each other, then opening to whatever is THERE is so satisfying. Because it’s what’s happening, right now. Intimacy happens out of that.

    So acknowledgment is about KNOWING and BEING KNOWN.. . .well maybe it’s about lots of things. ..but that primarily.

    Where it gets into trouble (for me at least) is in the getting it right part. .. .wanting to SEE something that has someone feel, like REALLY known and seen, and loved and blah, blah, blah. . ..like the mostest, ever!! That “managing” clogs the conduit of intimacy. . ..actually blocks that flow.

    So the other person may “feel good” and I may “feel good” and whatever I’ve said may be really true. . .just not the most true thing for me in that particular moment. I wonder if this has any effect on the acknowledgment that lives in coaching?

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