Body Consciousness

Getting there Consciousness=Happier

Getting there

Karen has often talked to me of things she’s noticed in her body, what I would call subtle shifts, that would happen after she ate wheat or didn’t stretch after a walk and when she talked about them she would speak of them as big differences and be in some wonder that I didn’t experience similar shifts and feelings. I would always feel more generalized shifts and could never localize it and attribute this feeling to this cause. I think that a part of me, the same part of me that has worked tirelessly to separate my mind from my body, has never really believed how specifically she could relate cause and effect in her body. I am so sorry my love for disbelieving you. I am noticing, as I become more conscious of what is going on in here, more and more cause and effect situations. I am feeling the cravings for sweets that come an hour or so after I eat wheat. I am sometimes feeling colder then others are in the room when I used to feel warmer, not sure of the cause of that but it feels like it is a good thing, actually I am not sure I feel cooler then others feel I am feeling cooler then I used to feel when others are feeling “normal”. I am sleeping straight through the night, instead of waking up every couple of hours for some reason or the other. And of course I am feeling much more aware of the effect of what I am eating at any moment on my body in that moment and in the moments afterwords. I think these are all good signs that my body and my observer self are tuning into each other. I am also becoming aware of how much more is possible, that I am a babe in this area and what is available as the consciousness deepens is truly mind blowing.

The facts:

The last two days I had my friend Gonan over and we were doing some incredible design and I went into “design mode” physically. I didn’t move much. I do some pretty great work curled up in my recliner and I get up to open and close blinds and to move flipchart papers around (which I did much more then I used to do, which felt good and natural), however my body is wanting to move this morning more then usual. It is a good thing that I can feel that and identify with it and it will be a good thing for me to stop writing now and get up and go for a short walk.

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