It really and truly is NOT GOOD FOR ME!

It really and truly is NOT GOOD FOR ME!


✓ Had 1/3 bowl of cereal with berries and banana for breakfast.
✓ Had 1/2 cup tomato soup with some romano cheese and some croutons and a salad with home made 1000 Island dressing for lunch.
XX Had a scone and some goat flat bread from my favorite bakery for a snack in the car.*
✓ Had 1/2 bowl of Quinoa pasta and sauce with a salad for dinner.
??? Had a piece of flourless chocolate torte for evening desert.**

* I messed up and had to take an unscheduled 2 and a half hour trip to deliver a video tape to someone who needed it yesterday. I had to pass my favorite bakery on the way and the need to punish myself with food and to reward myself with food was great, I think. I needed to punish the failure to take care of this errand when I was supposed to and leaving Karen home for that long on the day off she took to be with me. The reward was needed for the act of heroism of getting on it right away and sacraficing my time and my wife time for this. Of course all of this is emotional and unconscious eating at the time. At the time I pulled over it was after a debate in my head for the previous 10 minutes that myself that is committed to the old destructive ways won and mySelf that has a powerful intention and commitment to consciousness lost. I need to pull mySelf together and not lose any more of these battles.

** My usual desert at night is some yogurt and berries and nuts and Karen had brought home this delicious flourless torte from a bookclub that I had missed. I did not choose this unconsciously or loose any battle on this one. What I didn’t do was practice moderation. I could have cut the slice in half or thirds and enjoyed it as much and had another piece for another day.

Still NO WHEAT It really and truly is NOT GOOD FOR ME!

Still NO WHEAT It really and truly is NOT GOOD FOR ME!

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