Sunset No moment I know asks for stillness more then a sunset or a sunrise.

No moment I know asks for stillness more then a sunset or a sunrise.

At the end of my entry yesterday I wrote that “it will be a good thing for me to stop writing now and get up and go for a short walk.” Well I did. It was good to get outside and breathe in the air filled with a recent storm. It was good to get my heart beating a bit fast and my breathing a bit gaspy as I climbed the hill by my house and went up for a higher view. It was a short walk only about 12 minutes and it was just fine. I got back to the house and didn’t feel like going in quite yet and just stood there and watched the large surf rolling in and the clouds sailing by and I took in the feelings of being alive in all of this beauty, including the beauty of simply and easily doing what it is that my body wants to do.

I went inside and went up to my little meditation sanctuary up in the cupola of my house and just couldn’t sit down in a meditation. I didn’t want to leave just being still with the ocean and the sky. So I just sat still up on the little bench in my sanctuary and took in the 360 degree view and let myself out into it as I let it into me. My teachers talk of several practices of awareness, meditation, stillness, contemplation are 3 of them. I have been practicing meditation in support of my program and deepening my consciousness, and I am thrilled with what this practice done consistently adds to my life and my intention. I am aware that practicing stillness is as important for me and that I will tend to take it more for granted as a practice because I fall into it more naturally then I do meditation. I have always loved opening myself up to the world and moving my awareness out to create a kind of alertness to the world all around me, to broaden my focus and take in as much as possible. The practice of narrowing my focus and clearing my mind has taken more discipline and demanded more commitment from me. I am still a babe in this practice. Now I am realizing that there is a discipline to stillness as well and if I don’t carve out some time for practice of that and just take for granted my abilities I will miss a whole world of possibilities. So I want and need to practice both and give myself to that practice. I think I will contemplate on that some more and see if I can’t work out a way to include both into often very jammed days.

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