Swimming 2

My view tomorrow morning I plunge into this and get the feel again after 25 years or so.

My view tomorrow morning
I plunge into this and get the feel again after 25 years or so.

Tomorrow I am going swimming. The main reason I am announcing that here is that now I am more certain to actually do it. I put it in my calendar to actually start swimming yesterday and managed to get the days confused in my mind, uh hum, and not do it. Karen had this idea that she might like to train for a sprint triathlon, 1/4 mile swim, 9 mile bike, 3 mile run, with our friend Art (who has also created an inspiring blog by the way). Karen doesn’t like to swim particularly and there was a time in my life when I used to swim laps at a pool in NYC that was one of my favorite forms of exercise and so I decided to whip up some enthusiasm for Karen. This is a first by the way. Karen has always been the whipper of enthusiasm for things physical in our family. We went shopping for some swim goggles and scheduled our first swim for last Sunday and just couldn’t make it out of the house for an early morning swim at a new place in the middle of a storm. So we decided to send me as a scout and see what I thought of the pool and the set up and see if it would work for us and particularly for me as an exercise that I would be able to keep up, at least when I was home. So scout Henry is headed out tomorrow with swim trunks and goggles to check out Ives Pool in Sebastopol, report to follow.

It’s a good thing too, because I am headed into an intense period of travel and work for the next couple of months and it will be important to set up a few things to do in between trips and something to look for while traveling as a possibility. Although I have a hard time imagining myself looking for a pool to swim in in North Carolina at 6 am before I head into a Leadership Program or in Dubai before I head of to meet with the Bank execs or in Tel Aviv before I lead an R5. I do have to begin to plan for myself what my 2/3s will look like while traveling. I know that I plan not to take moving walkways in airports and travel light enough so that I can take stairs instead of escalators. I’ll take a look at the possibilities of walks around blocks before breakfast and after dinner. I do want to meditate every morning and depending on connections write something in my blog. When I am in New Mexico I am not worried about the opportunity for exercise or meditation there will be much movement and much stillness. I am aware that all of my programs of consciousness are possible except my blog. What I can do is to make journal entries on my laptop and send them to my blog when I get back from my trip in one big upload. I can still be using this form though for holding myself to account even on the edge of the canyon rim in New Mexico.

It is amazing really how thoroughly my old habits and ways of being have me convinced of the impossibility of these actions. How much I feel like I am generating possibilities on top of some sort of inner knowing that I will fail at every one of these intentions. I began this whole journey feeling the same way about eating at a table and not in front of a computer, tv or book, about staying conscious while eating with others, about stopping eating when I heard from my belly that I had had enough, about double and triple walking the stairs and parking at the far end of a parking lot. All of these things felt the same way and I am sinking more and more into these new habits replacing the old ones. Some are sinking in better then others and that is bound to happen. In a way I have reached a new challenge on my journey and since I am certain about the journey I know that the challenge will no longer stop it. I also know that I can not hold up any expectations of how well I will meet the challenge or fail to meet it. There will be some successes and some failures and as I ride along on this roller coaster of a journey my main job is to hold on and stay conscious all the way through it.

3 responses to “Swimming 2

  1. Karen

    Oh how this thrills me. .. Scout Henry out in the early morn, scouting out Ives Pool and perhaps wipping up some enthusiasm for (ick! gag! yuck!) SWIMMING!

    Makes my little female heart go pitter pat! Thank you Henry!


    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 – 02:08 PM

  2. hey henry. glad to hear you’re about the re-enter the pool. you’d be surprised how many hotels you’ll be staying actually already have pools. they’ve been busy building them while you were getting ready to swim again. and just to state the obvious, it’s pretty easy to find a hotel that has one when you’re traveling. it’s an amazing feeling (i’m a swimmer, by the way) to be in some strange hotel, at 6;00 am, in the elevator, barely awake, hearing the early morning elevator muzak, while dressed in a bathrobe and flip flops on the way to the pool.

    anyhow. don’t know where are in this journey, but enjoy the swim(ing.)

    • Thanks David I look forward to trying out some of those pools and thanks for reminding me to pack my robe in addition to my swim trunks.


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