Victory and a happy body.

Victory  Beaming my intention out to the world

Beaming my intention out to the world

I did it!! I went to Ives pool got into my suit and goggles and swam 8 lengths of the pool or 100 yards. Whew it was harder then I thought it would be. I swim up at my cottage in Georgian Bay every summer, but that is doing an easy breast stroke and floating when I need to. I swim great distances but take a long time to do it and stop and enjoy the rocks, water and view as I am going along. It is more just to get in the water and move and go somewhere. This is different this is swimming in a straight line in delicious warm water doing the crawl and moving towards finding a pace that can be steady and eventually slip into almost a meditative place. I did this kind of swimming before in my life and liked it. The truth is my body loves it. When I left that pool I felt great and I could feel my body tingling with gratitude, almost like it had gotten a treat of some sort.

I am such a water guy in so many ways. I know my accupuncturist says I am fire and my medicine name is Diamond Bear and Bear lives in the West which is where Earth is on the wheel. But boy oh boy is my body happy around water. It loves swimming in it, looking at it, listening to it, being in any kind of boat on top of it, scuba diving in it, snorkeling in it, and drinking it. I want to give my body more water then it gets currently. I want to swim more, boat more, soak more, and drink more water then I do at present.

So now to the challenges that are involved with that desire. The pool is a half hour from my house and is an outdoor, though heated, pool. It is open rain or shine and it would be a trip to swim in the cold and rain although my judge would be a heck of a lot more convincing against making a half hour trip into town in the middle of a storm to take a half hour swim in the pool. In fact I would have to make an extraordinary commitment to myself to create any kind of regular swimming program. I would have to carve out 2 hours for every swim I did when I was home, not to mention the challenges I would face on the road. It is truly daunting and yet….. My body wants it, I can feel it and it is so great to really feel something that my body wants in the form of exercise.

OK Henry, you said it here first and this is where the truth lives, this is the place where you can’t get away with anything, according to your own rules.

I am going to do this. I am going to create some way to swim when I am home at least 3 times a week and check out the possibilities of swimming when I am on the road with a commitment to swim on the road when possible. I will always pack swim stuff in any suitcase when I travel and look for a place to swim. I know that I won’t be able to swim in New Mexico, but I can look for motels with pools on the road to and from there. After I finish this entry I am going into my calendar and schedule my swims when I am home. I am going to put this up on top of the list with consciousness at meals and meditation. Any body out there reading this, I give permission to ask me how the swimming is going if I don’t mention it here on the blog for awhile.


About the blog; I have moved my blog to . I will be publishing to both addresses for a few days then pulling down the one on So please bookmark the new blog. I haven’t yet figured out all the new bells and whistles so the videos aren’t up yet and things are new and the learning curve has been very steep. One of the things that readers of the old blog will notice is that I don’t have two different areas anymore for 1/3 and 2/3s and that all of the blogs are oriented around when posted instead of by category. I also have taken off the privacy restrictions and am making this available to anyone who is interested. So welcome to any new readers and thank you so much to all the folks who have been my special early invitees for your support and acknowledgments. Although this is a blog that is for me and my intention to mySelf, I am very grateful to those of you who are reading and commenting on what you are reading. It means a lot to me.

8 responses to “Victory and a happy body.

  1. Hi Henry,

    You Go Guy!!!

    I wrote an email to Roger Von Oech (Whack Pack) about a project that I’m into re compiling people’s “tipping point” story inspired by a card from the pack.
    Will keep you posted.

    Nanette ONE!

  2. This photograph…..has a M A G I C A L quality about it!

    So thrilled to be able to read your blog again! Your post here, reminds me how freeing the water is for our physical bodies….. what a gift you are giving yourself….physical freedom!

    Keep Rockin’ It my friend!

  3. Dear Henry,
    I haven’t been here for a while because your site was too difficult for my computer to navigate!! I love that you are streamlining this process… so much easier… I love it when it’s easy.. don’t you?

  4. Hello my sweet Diamond Bear:

    What an AMAZING photo of you Honey!!!!! Where has this picture BEEN all this time? It is indeed, magical and so speaks of your huge WOW factor and the open hearted, potent way that you embrace life.

    My heart dances at the thought of your being in the water on a regular basis and of the joy I know that will bring your body. WOW!

    I love you!


  5. This picture gives me goose bumps Henry. And lots of energy. And I miss you! I’m thrilled to witness the leader self-care; to have a healthy house (pun intended) for your magnificence will serve all of us for years to come. Thank-you!

  6. There is something I forgot to tell you when I saw you Friday. Or maybe I didn’t so much forget as refrain from saying it. Why? Because I’m not really good with compliments, whether it’s giving or receiving them. I think it’s partly a cultural thing and partly it’s, well, just me. I get shy around compliments.

    You looked GREAT Friday. This might have been because of the fancy clothes (which, ironically, you will shrink out of soon), but that was just part of it. This morning it came to me – it was because of a look of TRIUMPH on your face. The look of connection and integration of body and mind. Yes, you did it!

    And yet when I read you post, what strikes me is how you describe your experience: my body felt grateful/ happy; my body wants (exercise) – like you are still not really seeing your body as YOU, an integrated form of Self. I think the triumph shows that the integration is taking place on a cellular level. Could it be that the mind has not quite caught up with this? Curious minds want to know…



    • Thank you for your acknowledgment Marjoleine. Please keep looking for that integration to happen, I really appreciate it. It is interesting to me as I head into this integration I also want to see my body and listen to it with love and attention. I know I am moving towards speaking of an integrated me, so that when I discover that I feel great after I swim I will say “I love to swim” instead of “my body loves to swim”. Right now though I feel this need to really listen with all parts of mySelf, my mind, spirit, soul, emotions, and body, to my body. When I listen to and honor my body and notice deeply what I/it want/s, I/it will feel loved completely and ready to be fully united and integrated. Now part of me is already feeling that, and apparently showing it, which is terrific and I want to be patient for it to sink completely in.

      Thanks for looking and keep pointing it out please.

  7. As I read these wonderful comments, I am reminded that our bodies serve as the “vehicles” for our spirits to cruise around in, during this lifetime. Our bodies are SO VALUABLE for our soul’s growth. If we didnt have a body….well……

    With this in mind, I imagine that in this photograph you are shouting to the heavens….”THIS IS HOW I ROLL, BABY!!”

    You are a Shiny Red Sports-car!

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