Cooking Class and the Oscars

This picture I found looks like it could be a cooking class

This picture I found looks like it could be a cooking class

It’s early Friday morning and I am up watching a lone surfer out in the ocean waiting for a wave. The sky is the pale blue of early morning just before the sun breaks over the hill. There is some peaceful new agey music coming out of the computer and I am poised on the edge of a short trip. In a little over an hour I put some bags and myself in the car and head to Sonoma (about an hour + away) where I am going to attend a demo cooking class that is all about cooking the perfect appetizers for Academy Award Night. Then Karen will join me later this evening for a class on Sushi and Sake, where we will learn to slice and prepare sushi and do a sake tasting. Then we’ll stay over in the B&B that is attached to the teaching kitchen and take a Thai cooking class tomorrow morning. Then we ingredient shop our way down to Karen’s apartment in San Rafael, meet some friends, Karl and Gwen, for dinner and see our friend Sabrina in her public debut of a concert composed mostly by her and beautifully sung by her. On Sunday morning we get up and cook some of the appetizers I learned to make and get ready for our own private Oscar party. Karen and I have an Oscar tradition that goes back to the beginning of our knowing each other, where we try to make sure to see all of the nominated films in the major categories, we fill out our own ballots, we get a laundry basket full of rolled up socks, we tivo the red carpet and then the awards (so we can skip most of the commercials) then we settle down with champagne and appetizers and have our socks ready to throw at the tv when ever we disapprove of the outfits, speeches or winners.

It’s quite an active weekend. I’ve packed my swimsuit and I am going to try to find a pool near Karen’s apt. for a swim on Sunday morning. There will be many challenges to staying conscious in the plan. It won’t be too difficult staying conscious with the food that is made in the cooking class, that’s the whole point after all. However the dinner before the show will offer some social challenges and the appetizers during the Oscars and in front of the TV offer up unique challenges that I look forward to meeting.

✓ Last night I cooked an awesome and very quick meal of a small (1/4 pound) Tuna steak that was sesame crusted and seared on top of some sauteed greens with a piece of Danish Rye toast. It was a 1/3 plate, delicious and nutritious.

✓ For Lunch I had half a burrito.

XXX For Breakfast I had an egg mcbiscuit and oj at macdonalds. (I hadn’t planned well and got caught out driving around earlier then I thought I would and needed a quick something on the way to somewhere) I do notice that I am doing this a whole lot less then I used to. Consciousness isn’t just in the moment it is in the contemplation of what’s coming up as well.

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