Sushi Mastery?????

Sushi is Not Easy  We made all this in our Sushi Factory sweatshop .....

Sushi is Not Easy
We made all this in our Sushi Factory sweatshop .....

I learned an important lesson last night. Some things are exciting to learn to cook and then practice cooking at home and some things are better left to the professionals and are meant to be enjoyed at a restaurant and the skills of the professional are meant to be admired and respected and left there.

The two courses I took here at Ramekins yesterday represented both of those opportunities. The first course which was all about learning to make hors d’oeuvres for an oscar night party was all about being something fun you can make at home and serve at home. On Sunday I will indeed make some of these fun things and enjoy them with Karen as we watch the festivities, vote and throw socks at the TV. The second class was a hands on sushi class, that was a bit overwhelming to tell the truth. I certainly appreciate the skill and the work that goes into making a maki roll or a piece of sushi. I was completely humbled by my attempts to roll and slice. The messes that emerged tasted fine but clearly there is lots of practice necessary to create some “simple” sushi rolls in my future that resemble anything that comes to my table in any of my favorite sushi restaurants. However I can’t wait to go to one of those restaurants and sit at the sushi bar and watch a master at work making it all look so easy and casual.

..... And this, hoo boy - not as easy as it might seem

..... And this, hoo boy - not as easy as it might seem

It was also impossible, interestingly, to be conscious in my eating while in this 3 hour sushi class, because once we started grabbing the rice and making the sushi and rolling the maki it was pretty much non-stop except for a ten minute eat what you just made break, and a stand up and shove it in at the end of class opportunity. We made so much stuff that even from an unconscious eating place I couldn’t eat it all. I just got filled up on sticky rice and had to leave a bunch on the plate for the clean up crew, and this was after we were told that in Japan it is rude to leave things on the plate or to leave soy sauce in the little dipping bowl. So I left this experience in exactly the opposite place that I thought I would leave it, there I go having expectations again that created the inevitable disappointment. I expected to have a relaxing time learning to slice fine fish and make some simple sushi and to taste and compare different sake’s in a very zen like simple way. What I got was not that. Oh well you win some and you lose some. It hasn’t lessened my enthusiasm for cooking classes and becoming better at this art form.

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