Uncle Henry Want’s You

I want YOU

I want YOU

I was talking with my amazing wife Karen yesterday after my last post and I came to the realization that I am doing this PUBLIC expression of my commitment and intention to you the public. The difference is I am not doing it FOR you I am doing it for mySelf. So what I’ve said that before in not so few words. The realization was that I want you and need you the reading public to help me look deeper and to sharpen the edges of where I am looking. I encourage you to share any insights or observations or questions that may arise upon reading a post. I am going to add to my intention to respond when I see it serves my commitment to dive deeper into my consciousness. I am on the extrovert side of Meyers Briggs, not a raving extrovert but leaning in that direction, and I discover things, learn things and process things by expressing them to someone. You are my “someone” here and I am grateful to the bottom of my soul for you being there to witness, inquire, point, inspire and be inspired.

Yesterday was an awesome day spent with my favorite sous chef and partner in crime, Karen the beautiful. We had a delightful breakfast of a poached egg on a small piece of millet toast and a cup of coffee along with some great conversation and planning for our day of cooking and Oscars. After breakfast we started making our appetizers which were going to be slowly consumed throughout the red carpet and the Oscars themselves with champagne. Here’s what we made:

Small Red Bliss Potatoes stuffed with Garlic Asiago
Bloody Mary Shrimp
Crab Hushpuppies
Little phyllo triangle stuffed with Spinach, feta and pine nuts, and with toasted walnuts, mushrooms and gruyere
Seedless grapes frozen in cheap champagne (like mini balls of champagne sorbet)

We halved the recipes and still had too much. But mmmm mmmm it was all very tasty. It was a difficult challenge to be conscious all the way through the eating as it was a many hour process of eating, talking, cooking and watching the proceedings. However we would pause the TV every now and then as we picked up an appetizer and look at each other and decide to consciously eat this morsel. The good news is that at the end of the eating and watching there was still some food left over both on the plates and in the kitchen. In the old days that would never have happened, I would have vaccume cleaned my way through those left overs by the time we went to bed. The bad news for me was that I went past a 3 on my 1-5 scale of fullness. I don’t know if I got to a 4 or not but I definitely got close. My goal is to be between 2.5 and 3 on that scale. Over all it was a remarkably successful day in the areas of savoring, enjoyment, playfulness and connection. A 10

6 responses to “Uncle Henry Want’s You

  1. Dear Uncle Henry,

    What a pleasure to be wanted by YOU! Your “finger pointing” caught my eye. I think poking ain’t a bad thing. Poking something to get to the truth, even if it’ll bite you. But you know, it makes me poke even harder.

    Thank you for being accountable. I think I just found the answer to question #9.

    Keep pointing and staying on the path…Jennet

  2. Hey Uncle Henry —

    Wow, that sounds absolutely fabulous…. I can picture Uncle Henry and Karen the Beautiful lounging back in your green chairs in front of the screen nibbling away.

    Slowing down and making conscious choices…. this has so much to do with that. I very much understand the “I Want You” message. I am finding on my own blog and quest that there is a way that I either feel “held” by supporters in this, or sometimes I don’t. And, when I feel held it makes a huge difference. When I am working out — like, yesterday lifing weights with trainer Keven…. or, this morning swimming laps in the pool…. at certain points it becomes VERY hard… to the point where I really think/feel like I cannot continue. At that point, I’ve begun invoking the images of people who are supporting me…. In the pool this morning I told myself, “OK, this lap is for Susan in Minnesota…. this lap is for Sherman in California….” and I would picture them as I swam. It keeps me going. And, I’m finding that sometimes my hopes for how much visible support (like, comments on my blog) there will be and the reality don’t match… I notice when that happens a pull to disappointment (or even resentment…). I think, though…. that is an ego-trap… it is a dead-end place that does not help. For myself, while the support buoys me forward, I need to keep going whether or not it is visibly there. People have the best intentions, and we’re all busy… and, this blog technology is relatively new and most of us don’t really know how to use it well…. so we’re learning.

    Now, because I have your RSS feed right on my home web page…. I will instantly notice whether you’ve got a new post or not….

    One day at a time…



    • You are so right Art in the way you are framing the battle between the ego and the Self. How much the self is “buoyed” by support and how you need to keep going whether or not the support is there. I am going to check out this swimming a lap for so and so, alternated with a lap of swimming a lap for me, when I start breathing hard and want to stop.

      Thanks Bro

  3. Uncle Henry,

    Pointing out here?? Well, I want to point in there!!…and reflect back to you, that as I read your posts (and Karen’s comments back to you)…..I stand in awe the love that you two clearly share. It is so completely beautiful.

    So why do I bring up your awe inspiring love-fest with Karen?

    Well, I believe that in making peace with our own bodies (and all parts of us really),…. we remember to love ourselves AS completely and unconditionally as we do the “loves of our lives”. WE must also be our own “love of our life”!

    I have an urge to tell you to go stand in the mirror with that finger pointed and say “I LOVE YOU!” and while you are there….toss in a “DAMN YOU’RE HOT!!” just for good measure!

    And of course, I am not telling you what to “do” because you’ve indicated that you dont want that. Just sharing an urge!

    Mirror Mirror on the wall…..

    • Hi Leann,

      Thanks for your great support and enthusiasm, it is completely infectious and inspiring.

      I want to take this opportunity to let you and others know that I am maturing and getting stronger as I write this sucker, and I am strong enough to handle anything you might want to throw at me in suggestions and advice as to what to “do”. I wasn’t strong enough when I started this whole journey, or I was and just didn’t believe it, and I am now standing tall in my self authority and know what I have to do and welcome feedback from my universe. I also realize that even if I don’t need that particular piece of feedback for my journey it might be completely valuable and perhaps the missing key for someone else on their journey.

      So bring it on Leann and anybody else who feels the urge.

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