Oh look I have plenty of time.

Oh look I have plenty of time.

This morning I just finished my first draft of my “Manifesto of Intention”. This is an assignment in my Black Lodge training and I will post it here in my blog when I have finished it. In writing it I felt myself being sharpened even more in my focus and my intention. I think it is a good thing to keep bringing that focus back to the forefront. It can get lost in the back of the mind or the self as I go through my day to day activities and the simple act of bringing it back to the front, which is part of the reason I am doing this whole blog thing, keeps it alive and provides a way to measure the truth of how well I am living into it.

I then went off and meditated and my plan was to go right after my meditation back to my computer and write this entry because I had an appointment to get to shortly. It makes me laugh as I write this, because it is almost absurd how insidious the rush of obligation pulls me out of my center. It wasn’t only the obligation of the appointment that was coming up, it was also the “obligation” of finishing writing my post before I left for the appointment. I was planning to just skip breakfast and just go and write. Oh my God how amazingly absurd! The very thing that is the foundation of all that I am doing this for, the opportunity to follow my program and be conscious I was going to sacrifice for those outside “obligations”, I was going to not love mySelf or my body because “something else or someone else was more important than me”. Needless to say I came out of that meditation calmer and wiser. I went down and made a half a bowl of cereal and ate it consciously, reaching my state of fullness and throwing the last quarter or so of it out. I then came up here to write this entry while listening to a little calming music, and I am still leaving in time to make my appointment without any sacrifice.

4 responses to “Obligations

  1. Hi Henry:

    This email, seemingly simple in it’s content, really does get to the “crux of the biscuit.” 🙂

    It is so, so easy to get pulled to what needs to be done and so, so easy to forget that the whole POINT is ME. This is an ongoing consciousness practice and I know the more I practice, the conscious I’ll become.

    And I have LOTS of room to grow and lots of opportunities to practice. The good news or the bad news, depending on one’s perspective. . .most importantly, mine.




  2. Hi Diamond Bear,

    I loved reading about how happy your body felt after swimming 100 yards. Truth is, or shall I say I believe that our bodies are much more intelligent than we realize, much more eager than we know. Look at our ancestors… weren’t they creatures who crawled up out of the ocean depths, one cell at a time, and learned to be on land? It’s in our DNA, to swim, to run, to jump, to reach our arms towards something just beyond our grasp.

    Keep going here, in the water where your heart comes alive in your body in a way that it cannot unless you move. A vibrant place! I am honored to be witness, and to feel my own body’s hunger to have this form of expression too… movement. How extraordinary it can feel to wake up the intelligence of the body. An exotic experience for sure, from the perspective of the Spirit.

    It’s a delicious journey your on, even with 1/3 fewer calories.

    Love and appreciation,

    • Meridian,

      I think of you as a mentor and teacher in the area of the marriage of spirit and body. I value and am grateful for your wisdom.

      Diamond Bear

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