Shifting Smilies Around

Starting with accountability this morning.

        ✓        I swam 11 lengths of the pool (275 yards)
        ✓        I walked the length of several parking lots while shopping.
        ✓        I meditated
        ✓        I ate a small bowl of cereal and threw away 1/4 of it.
        XX I had some pulled pork and plantain over rice for lunch and ate past the stopping point
        ✓        I had leftovers for dinner, half a baked potato (microwaving of which is a bad idea) and a hamburger with some pickled tomatoes on top. I threw away about 1/4 of this meal.
        XX I had a glass of bourbon on the rocks before dinner.

So many to choose from in any given moment.

So many to choose from in any given moment.

I am feeling grand about swimming and know that with repetition I’ll get stronger and swim farther. I was going to go again today but it just couldn’t fit into my already packed schedule. This will be the biggest problem with swimming is that it is a half hour drive each way to the pool to swim for a half hour. So even without doing any kind of errands at the same time it is, bare minimum, an hour and a half either at 7:00 in the morning 😦 or between 11 and 3 🙂 but right in the middle of the work day or 7:30-8:00 :-(( which seems almost impossible for me. I think I need to experiment some with these different times and not get so committed to defaulting to my habitual patterns of sleeping in in the morning or giving my nights away to relaxation and entertainment. I think I have to switch the smilies around so that the 😦 moves to the mid day swim and the 🙂 goes to the other swims and then eventually make them all :-D.

I often wonder how much weather effects my moods or vice versa. I do notice that I tend to be more up and positive in my mood when the weather is sunny and tend to more down and dumpy when the weather is grey and stormy. So am I at the effect of weather? Have I trained myself to be excitable on a “glorious” sunny day and depressed on a “miserable” grey day? As a kid sunny days came with play and fun and let’s go and grey days came with colds and staring out the window and wishing for sun. On the other hand as I look out at this peaceful grey day with the subtle shades of grey on the ocean and the clouds, the places where the light is coming through the clouds and the flocks of birds flying in their black V’s across the bay as the grey surf breaks into white foam, I recognize the peacefulness of it and don’t think it a bit “depressing” it’s more like it helps me to slip into some reflection and contemplation.

Oh well it is interesting to work out my thoughts, feelings and moods here in front of the world. Ah consciousness!

4 responses to “Shifting Smilies Around

  1. Hi Henry,
    Thank you for working it all out here in front of the world! I am sure I am one of many people that has not yet expressed to you the incredible way your going public with your body has been moving & inspirational. I think of you every time I park in a parking lot, sometimes parking farther away & sometimes not. 🙂 Thank you for expressing your lovely tender self for all of us to see! I have been a quiet yet solid supporter!
    See you in a few weeks at Bend of Ivy!
    Love, Maurie

    • You’re welcome Maurie, the more I talk about it the more I do it and the more I do it the more I feel good about talking about it.
      See you soon

  2. Hi Henry, love the way you move smilies around though it took me a while to figure them out :-). Cannot wait to hear how the schedule works out for you as I can resonant with the challenge of fitting a commitment into a day without attach to a fixed schedule.

    After our conversation the other day, I checked the information on weather/mood on the web. It’s interesting to know that it is called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” (SAD) or “Winter Blue”, and 70%-80% of those affected are women in their thirties (lucky me). It also has something do with latitude and the interplay between an individual’s innate vulnerability and her degree of light exposure. Anyway, I found myself become more conscious on this and start to think from addressing the issue proactively/creatively instead of letting it drag me down. Will give the light therapy a try.

    I am so grateful for the learning I got from talking to you or reading your blogs everytime. Enjoy it very much.


    • You’re welcome Jing!

      Good luck with the Light Therapy and see you in a little less then 2 weeks. I also hear that Vitamin D is excellent for SAD and that we get deprived of it during the winter months.


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