A Good Day

A good day always ends with a great sunset   This one is from the deck of my cottage in Georgian Bay

A good day always ends with a great sunset
This one is from the deck of my cottage in Georgian Bay

Yesterday was a good day.

I was aware of restraint in the preparation of my meals and conscious while eating them so that I ate what it was that I wanted with out eating more then I needed. For breakfast I had a piece of rye toast with my tea. It wasn’t enough for my mind but my body truly wasn’t wanting anything more. For lunch I had some curried chicken salad and some Thai cucumber salad and a bit of pasta salad on a small plate. The restraint was in the size of plate and the amount on the plate was considerably less then I would have put down in the past, and the moderation was in staying conscious while eating and realizing that I had all I needed while there were still some delicious morsels on the plate and then throwing them out. For dinner I seared some halibut and placed it on top of some spinach sauteed in sesame oil with some asiago sprinkled potatoes, and again practicing the same restraint, this time in the size of the halibut steaks I ordered from the butcher, and moderation.

This morning I tried something new, instead of just getting my tea and coming upstairs to journal and meditate I made a poached egg on rye toast first for Karen and myself. I wasn’t “hungry” yet, meaning I wasn’t feeling need from my body for food. However I really have begun to feel my body ready to start the day after I have something to eat. It’s like food is the reminder that there is life to live today and my body, who has been sleeping for the last 8 hours or so, is still wandering around doing what it was doing while sleeping and that food reminds it to start the day.

As I am writing this I am aware that it really feels different to sit here writing in my journal/blog with something in my belly. It feels a little stuffed and heavy, even though it was a “small” breakfast. Maybe my previous way of doing things is also right on for my body. Maybe I prefer being in a state of “in-between” when I am writing and meditating in the morning and then have some breakfast to start the day in earnest. Maybe the fast, that I am breaking, serves the contemplation and meditation in a way that being fed just can’t.

It goes both ways though, because I definitely feel more energy in me to do what it is that I want to do. I feel more certain and capable of what it is I am doing and I feel more grounded in the present moment then I am usually feeling in the morning, including feeling my belly being a bit stuffed. So I guess the jury is out on this and the experiment will continue between the two different ways of starting my day.

The other great thing is that I went swimming yesterday and plan to go again today. I had moments yesterday where I slipped into that repetitive almost meditative feeling while working my way to the end of the pool. I loosened up and alternated my strokes more and swam 16 lengths which is 400 yards. It was only my 4th time swimming and I am already feeling a bit stronger and like I have a bit more aerobic capacity. I am actually a little excited to get in the pool again today. I am packing my suit and goggles to go to Amsterdam with because my friend Mar let me know that there is a famous pool in Amsterdam that I must swim in at some point, and I have been getting some wonderful advice from folks about the easy availability of pools in many hotels around the world, so off I go on Monday.

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