On the Road Again

Getting 2/3s in airport   Running looks something like this to the bag

Getting 2/3s in airport
Running looks something like this to the bag

Jet Lagged in Amsterdam. I slept well, deep and long with the help of some pharmaseutical aid and now I am waking up feeling very bear like. I am moving in slow motion and having a hard time focusing my eyes or caring much about what I am going to write. So I’ll stick to the script and see where things go. The flight yesterday was a remarkable opportunity to practice 1/3 – 2/3s. I had half a bowl of cereal with my tea before I left the house in the morning. At SFO airport I walked beside all the moving walkways instead of on them to the wrong gate and when I discovered my mistake jogged over to the right gate and got on the plane which took off a little late and we had a tight connection in Chicago for Amsterdam. So I had an amuse bouche of chewed fingernails before they brought the cobb salad and minestrone with piece of bread. I ate all of it and I am afraid my consciousness level was below a 5 and my restraint level on the bread was nil. Our plane arrived a little early in Chicago, however our gate wasn’t ready so we had to park away from the gate for a little over half an hour which was going to give us a 25 minute connection and we had no idea how far we had to go in 25 min. So we dashed out of the plane as fast as we could and headed for the departure monitors, and of course we were located in the next terminal over which meant a run with bags down the length of B Terminal and through the long underground tunnel between B & C and then up the escalator, and then to our gate, which fortunately was close to the escalator. Karen, the fittest of our little travel party, was there as I arrived and we got on the plane with a couple of minutes to spare. The doors closed and then we sat there in the plane for 40 minutes while they tried to fix something and then they released us back into the airport while they continued to work on it for another hour and a half. Karen and I headed to one of the lounges and set up our laptops and had a beer as a reward for our sweaty race through the airport. Then our flight was called and we boarded, got settled in had a small airplane dinner with moderate consciousness (6 or 7) and attempted to sleep the rest of the trip. We got to Amsterdam and taxied our way to the hotel which is right on a large canal and flopped on the bed for a 2 hour nap. Then we got up and took a walk around the city, window shopping and getting our bearings and ending up in a nice little Thai restaurant for an early dinner and walk back to the hotel for a movie in the room to get us more synced up with local time and then to sleep.

Interestingly in all that traveling around there was quite a bit of opportunities to NOT be following my program and for the most part I followed it. I actually got quite a bit of exercise running hither and yon at the airport and walking around many blocks here in Amsterdam. The coffee has been delivered to the room now and the whole world is coming alive again even as I write the bearish curtain is rising and instead of sort of stumbling my way out of a hibernating sleep I am feeling the beginnings of waking up into an exciting possibility of a day. New people to meet and new places to go and new ways to be while meeting all of these new opportunities.

One distinction came up in one of the many brilliant conversations I had with my wonderful wife and partner,Karen. That is the distinction between restraint and deprivation. The effect of both might be similar in terms of the behavior of the person restraining themselves or depriving themselves. However the motivations for the behaviors are completely different. When I restrain mySelf from eating something or finishing eating the rest of something that I have enjoyed. I am doing so from my self authority and choosing not to eat this or that, usually from a place of consciousness. When I deprive myself from eating something it is usually coming from a victim place of either being told or telling myself “I shouldn’t eat that” In other words I am not present in the moment making a choice based on consciousness or awareness of what is wanted or needed but instead reacting to rules and shoulds that may or may not be related to what it is that my body wants at all. I am literally depriving my body of first of all discovering what it may or may not want and secondly having the power to say “No I don’t want that” because the decision was made before my body had a voice in the choice. Restraint is a powerful concept for me to learn as it calls on a complete partnership or union of mind and body to act in a restrained way. Deprivation can only lead to eventual resistance and rebellion against the tyranny of the “shoulds“.

2 responses to “On the Road Again

  1. Hey DB…

    Congratulations on how your are doing on your travels so far….

    I need to learn more about this distinction between restraint and deprivation. I fell of my own wagon yesterday and ate some sugary things which are definitely NOT on my cleanse! So today, it’s back up on the horse…

    I am becoming friends with FRUIT as a substitute for the sweet things I crave…. when I have it available, it seems to work well.

    Keep Going Henry!


  2. Yes, and restraint and moderation are so intertwined – you can only practice moderation through restraint, not through deprivation. Deprivation suggests there’s nothing left to moderate, which is not very sustainable.

    You picked the right country for this posting – the land of the “Poldermodel” or consensus decision making!

    Enjoy Amsterdam!


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