Coming together over a meal

Glasses were raised 
Friendships begun

Glasses were raised Friendships begun

Last night Karen and I met with the founding couple, Jann and Anna Schouten, of Schouten & Nelissen Training in the Netherlands. We also met with Marcel their CEO of Global Expansion and Sven their magic man with the words. Also with us were Paul and Wim from the world of CTI. It was a meeting across the ocean and across the table of two companies with aligned purposes and dreams of making this a world we would all want to live in. For the first time in a long time I met a force of energy similar to mine. Jann Schouten is a big man with a big energy and big dreams and ideas. He is not afraid, nor does he hold back in sharing those dreams and visions. He is married to his wife and partner Anna and has been for 30 years. They have created a powerful training entity together that began with assertiveness trainings in the ‘70s when that was cutting edge stuff and have been growing and leading and staying cutting edge ever since.

It was a great getting to know each other that extended to sharing dinner at a wonderful restaurant where I managed to maintain conversation and stay conscious of the delicious meal I was eating. Jann insisted I have a large bowl of oxtail soup, so I did and he was right. It was so good I could only leave a little bit in the bowl. For the entree I had some lamb with cabbage and potato all prepared in an appropriate sized portion for me to stay conscious while eating it and not feel a bit too full for finishing most of it. I noticed something interesting, actually transformational for me, I was the last one finished at the table, which was an entirely new experience for me. Even if I am the main speaker in a dinner conversation I used to be one of the first finished, I could never understand how I did that. Last night I wasn’t necessarily the primary speaker and yet I still was the last to finish, a truly remarkable feat for a social dining experience and an actual breakthrough in the 1/3 part of my program.

Tonight we make our way out to Zaltbommo(?) again for a meeting with graduates from our programs to socialize and connect with people who love our work and we will share a meal with them as well so I will have many more opportunities to practice my social dining skills and consciousness.

2 responses to “Coming together over a meal

  1. Well Henry,
    Fantastic. It sounds to me that you were totally
    ‘in your power!’…. no drama over the big bowl of soup and it sounds like you were neither making yourself right or wrong, which I suppose is also linked to what you were talking about yesterday. As L.A. would say… now to strengthen the muscle.

    I wonder how ‘easy’ was it for you? And, had you made the people at the table aware of your quest?
    How is getting the body moving going?


  2. Hi Emma,

    Thanks for inspiring the post that I made today “City Movement” with your last question.

    Your second to the last question which was about telling people about my program or quest is an interesting one for me, as I believe in sharing quests as a way to make them more real, while at the same time I truly don’t want people to think that I am promoting “A WAY” of going about this or that I even think this is a journey that will in any way work for anyone else. I do believe fervently in becoming more conscious of everything we do and that in being more conscious many problems will be solved. I do not however want to preach the gospel of 1/3 2/3s moderation and convert the masses.


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