The end of this story — H & K in Amsterdam

This is us before the trip  Just think how we must look after the trip!

This is us before the trip
Just think how we must look after the trip!

It’s Monday morning and I am sitting in the lounge at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam waiting for the internet connection to catch up with me. Well what an amazing quest this young knight has been on. I have walked and museumed and strolled and run to catch a tram. I have eaten consciously, unconsciously, with many people and by myself and most often with my buddy. I think that the most important part of this trip was the quality time that Karen and I got to spend together. We really had amazing conversations and intimate connections while looking at a Van Gogh that moved us to tears or a fantastic meal at Terra restaurant or a stroll down the canals in the sunlight and in the night lights with a light rain. It was all good and we love each other a bit more then we did before we got here. So thank you Amsterdam for all those great opportunities.

The young knight would give his performance on his quest an 8 out of 10 in the areas of consciousness and intention and is quite pleased with himself overall.

We made an interesting decision last night around dinner. We were scheduled to go to this fancy french restaurant and get dressed up and fancied up for this expensive 5 or more course meal, which in the planning stages sounded fantastic. Well we had such a great day the day before with our canal boat ride and our delicious 4 course Italian meal and our stroll through the Red Light District that we felt like we had crested the hill of experience and adventure and as we were window shopping yesterday and stopped into a local tavern for a beer we realized that we didn’t need any more experiences. We didn’t need to hit the fancy french place or get all dressed up, that we had actually reached and surpassed the climax of the Amsterdam Story. We were actually in the sweet denoument of the story and going for another big climax just didn’t feel right. We both sighed a big sigh of relief that we weren’t going to push through with the plan just because it was the plan and we went back to our room and packed and went around the corner for a nice small Indian meal and then back to the room and watched a movie and went to bed early. It was an easy and stress free end to an easy and stress free trip. Yay us!

2 responses to “The end of this story — H & K in Amsterdam

  1. Yah you!

    Congratulations on being conscious of your experience and not overdoing it…. just like being aware of when you are full. So glad you had a great experience in Netherlands…. safe travels home!



  2. Hi Honey:

    It was a fantastic trip, wasn’t it?!

    Even though I am sitting right NEXT to you in the DC lounge, I still wanted to leave a little note for you to find when you write in your blog tomorrow.

    I’ll miss you while you are with the Wild Boars and I know you will be doing work that you love.

    Now the Young Knight will face a whole new adventure as he learns to balance work and self care. I know for myself it can be easy to become so stimulated by what is happening “out there”, so committed to giving my all, that I can lose myself. So, I’m looking forward to hearing about what you learn about consiousness and the part of L4 leadership that is deep self care and awareness.

    I love you.

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