Turning the Corner

735629_blogI feel it! I have turned a corner and I am clearly on a path of consciousness and within that consciousness lies moderation, restraint, and movement. Every step on that path creates fulness, integration, and love. Love of mySelf and love of the world seems to be increasing as I continue on this path of consciousness and awareness. Even the love of the dragons and the habits and the patterns of behavior that have been destructive and are now intolerable, are lovable. Compassion can be found for each and every decision that was made that created those habits and patterns. It’s funny how I feel almost corny and sappy in my feeling of acceptance and love this morning. Almost like I should find some shadow to expose or some drama to talk about, but you know what they say about “shoulds”…

So off I go into the rain and cold that is settling into the mountains of North Carolina and meet with my Wild Boars with loads of love in me ready to create openings for learning and transformation, ready to foster the emergence of leaders who will step forward to help point this world and this species in a direction that will work better for us all. Here I go into an opportunity to be excited by what I do and excited by the me who is doing it and most excited to stay completely conscious and aware of it all as it is happening.

Th th th th th th th ats all folks

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