Listening to the Universe

When the Universe sends a message  It's a good idea to listen and receive it.

When the Universe sends a message
It's a good idea to listen and receive it.

I am changing. The shape of my body is changing and the way I walk and fill my body with my energy is different. I am hearing from people in the world around me that I look different and that “I am getting smaller”, and I am listening to them and letting in what they are saying even if sometimes there are little voices in my circle that are saying “yah but”. I am more and more aware of how powerfully my intention shapes my universe and with a true and powerful intention my universe becomes what I intend it to be with every step I take. So if I am truly intending to have an integrated Self of body, mind, spirit and emotions then that is what is happening and the universe will reflect back to me my success. However if I am pretending to create that intention on top of disbelief then the universe will present me with the image of the disbelief rather then what it is I am pretending to create. So that is why consciousness of what is really happening and listening to what is coming back at me is so essential. The consciousness I have been working diligently on since at least the beginning of this program. What has opened up for me in the last couple of days is the listening for the intention showing up and receiving it, trusting it and not letting those internal voices inside try to twist it and corrupt it into something else. It is truly amazing to just clearly and cleanly listen to people say that I look different or smaller or like I have lost weight and not let the voices up that would make it into “no big deal” or “it really isn’t that much” or “thanks but I don’t think so”. All those voices and many more are ready to leap into the conversation and I have found that they are relatively useless to me in terms of living into an intention. Because when someone says something to me that is aligned with my intention the content of what they say isn’t right or wrong, true or untrue, factual or fictitious, acknowledgment or flattery, what it is comes straight from the universe as information that I am on the right track and keep going. What could be better then that? The amazing thing is how often evidence comes in when you are open to it and conscious of it.

The 1/3 program went well yesterday and will today as well and today I will be getting a bit more movement in then I did yesterday.

7 responses to “Listening to the Universe

  1. Yay, Henry! Congratulations on your intentions, commitments, and the journey you have embarked on. As encouragement may I offer that, I – a person who laboriously climbed a 25-foot redwood tree and only made it because you yelled me up – now RUNS UP flights of stairs 2 at a time (thanks to my personal trainer and a life-altering heart surgery 4 years ago). You can do do it too!! Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Honey:

    “I am changing.” That is such a powerful statement of self authority and intention. Your post today speaks to me of the essence of responsibility. . .it is through one’s willingness to own the truth of intention that one can be truly response-able and therefore responsible. It reminds me of that great line from the Rilke poem “Water the fruit trees and don’t water the thorns”. And yet I know I have spent part of my life building elaborate SHRINES to those thorns. ..those limiting beliefs that delude me.

    I also think that it is a deeper cut on the paradox “We are both creating and being created by our universe in each moment.” I used to look at this through the lens of what is most tangible and most real (of course I did. ..being the make it real gal and all) Now, the dance feels much more mysterious to me and therefore thrilling. ..The possibility is sort of. ..multi layered? holographic? Certainly it has dimension and rings or something of. ..creativity or responsibility (are those synonyms I wonder?).

    What determines the scope is the degree of CONSCIOUSNESS that I am willing (and able) to bring to that moment.

    What is most inspiring to me about your journey here Henry is to watch you building consciousness day by day and post by post.

    It’s windy today at Dillon Beach. .. kind of rainy and cold. I’m going to have fun doing my puttering/productive thing. It’s great to be home and touching things in our house.

  3. So powerful Henry! It seems that your light shadow being reflected back to you. Get used to it because I have a feeling a lot more is coming your way! Interesting process: reclaiming body, losing weight, gaining even more of Self. Cool, huh?

  4. Hello dear Henry,

    I just caught up on your posts, and continue to be awed and amazed by you and your willingness to share such deep parts of your journey. I also love witnessing the connection with you and your beloved, Karen.

    You have helped raised my concsiousness, and that is no small task. Thank you for so openly sharing and continuing to inspire.



  5. My mind and heart are full sitting there catching up your blog. The experience I had shared with Sam, you and with the rest of Wild Boars are still spinning in my head like a movie that will never stop. Besides all the profound learning, breakthrough and shift, one thing I have noticed the whole week around how I experience you differently, that I couldn’t find a word for it until I read this post, saw the picture in the post. It’s the crisp and cool energy radiated from your eyes, your face and your body. Every time I am in front of you, every time when I look into you eyes, I saw/experienced CLARITY. Now I am convinced that the clarity was from the powerful intention and the consciousness you hold, it’s also from the confidence you have in your intention and consciousness. Though I still love and enjoy your warmth and wit , I cannot wait to experience more of this cool, sharp and crystal clear power from you. It will serve me in my own consciousness. Thank you for bringing it.

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