What a World! What a Life!

Love this picture of a smile in the sky  Learning and messages come all sorts of ways

Love this picture of a smile in the sky
Learning and messages come all sorts of ways

What a world. Here I sit in my beautiful home looking out into the fog with the ocean breaking on the beach below me, a hawk is circling right in front of my window. I am sitting after shower feeling all shiny and clean and I listening to some wonderful contemplative music and sipping a cup of tea. I rolled into bed last night after a cross country flight and a drive up from the airport at 2:30 in the morning and my wonderful wife’s sleepy eyes open up just a slit as I turn on the light and get mySelf settled for bed and says “You’re home” with love and missing in her voice and then her eyes close again and her lips go into a slight kiss me shape and are met with an of course where else would I want to be answer, lips satisfied we both roll over and sink into sleep. What a way to acclimate back into the rhythms of my life.

Now here I am well slept and clean and ready to dig into my consciousness to keep tuning mySelf as I sink deeper and deeper in to the integration of all my powerful selves. As I left the Bend of Ivy retreat center and the awesome and magnificent Wild Boars, who just dove so deeply into the Level 4 leadership model and are destined to create such astonishing things in the world, with my brother Sam, with whom I have done such incredible work with both with the Wild Boars and perhaps even more importantly on the quality of our relationship. We have settled into a completely adult/brother relationship and buried the old projections and taproots, forgiven the old wounds and hurts, and emerged as two men, two brothers, two warriors, two chiefs who can love and respect each other. I look forward to the conscious deepening design to continue to see what emerges, both with Sam and with all of my family and friends. Truly what would my life be like if I carried no baggage and was able to be in a free, open, loving, and respectful relationship with everyone?

So some wonderful consciousness deepening as a brother, husband, teacher and leader. I am still learning and diving into this idea of elder. What is the consciousness of an elder? How does an elder hold the tribe differently from the leader or the teacher? How does an elder respond to questions and needs? In R4 we are attempting to shift the role of leader to elder and it is a very strange shifting of energy for both the leader/elder and the tribe. What to do? How to be? What is needed? More to dig into on these questions.

Finally there is the program, the whole reason for this blog in the first place. The structure that I have chosen to hold mySelf accountable for all that I am creating to reclaim my relationship with my body and to fully integrate my body, mind, spirit and all other parts of me into mySelf. I spoke of the young knight meeting the dragon of habits and patterns that were buried for me in the successful leading of a Leadership Program. Well of course what I think will be the dragon almost never is. It is actually an amazing opportunity to recommit to mySelf in new and different ways. When I am conscious the Dragon can only be an ally. When I go unconscious the monster from the deep can come up and bite me. Because I remained conscious during the leading of this program my Dragon became my ally all during the leadership of it, the eating around it and even the decisions that were involved in the ways I participated physically on the final day. There were many times that I faced old habits of piling delicious food onto the plate and going back for seconds and I didn’t. There were times when I felt like I wanted to stop and sit down and I didn’t and my body was grateful. There were times when I didn’t move when I could have and my body ended up having some pain later in the low back particularly. So my work during the program was, for the most part excellent, yay me.

After I dropped Sam off at the B&B and hit the road to the airport in Greenville SC. My belly was grumbling for some food and I couldn’t stay focused on listening to my book on the ipod. My mind and heart were so full of all that had just happened I couldn’t decide what was needed for me, and I knew that I needed to drive for a little over an hour to get to the airport and I needed to get something to eat in a limited amount of time. So I pulled over at a rest area and called Karen to help myself reground and that was great. Then I headed down the highway getting a bit hungrier as I drove. Then I got to the exit before the airport and had to get gas and something to eat and of course all that was there was junk food places. So I went to BoJangles fried chicken place, thinking eat southern as long as I am in the south, ordered some food and ate it. It wasn’t very good and I wasn’t very conscious until I got back in the car and my stomach shouted at me “What did you just send me and what the heck do I do with this?” It was a bad idea and only happened because I took a vacation from consciousness. Taking a vacation from consciousness will only result is some part of me ultimately being abused. There is no need to take a vacation from consciousness as being conscious is a vacation from the habits of life. So the dragon I met was this whole idea that somehow consciousness work is work and being a mindless, heartless, spiritless being is somehow a vacation.

No wonder there is a lot of bad stuff happening in this world. The Work Consciousness Is The Vacation is the paradigm shift that needs to happen.

One response to “What a World! What a Life!

  1. Good Morning Henry!

    So beautiful is your description of your “homecoming” with Karen. And also, of you relationship with Sam. I feel very honored to be one of the Wild Boars and to have shared 4 weeks of life with you and Sam. My heart is SO huge and full of love & respect right now.

    And, I want to share with you (and anyone who could use this) something I do when I feel like feeding my body something that will essentially piss it off. (like the BoJangles did for yours). I take a moment to remember my god given birthright of Unconditional Self Love. 🙂 Then, I ask myself, would I feed this to my precious, perfect, newborn baby? Or to my beautiful heathy developing child? If the answer is NO….then my own Self Love, has given me MY answer. 🙂 And I feel the urge to add, that if anyone does not believe in or cannot feel their own self love, hold the precious gift of the universe…..a newborn baby. (perhaps this wont work for EVERYone, and it works for many) That feeling you get…..indicates that the capacity for unconditional love IS there within you! Look around inside with a flashlight, because I Do believe we are all born with it…and sometimes…. it just gets lost.

    Unconditional Self Love……is the most powerful ally we have! (I feel another Quest coming on…)

    Henry, you are Fabulous, Amazing and Wonderful!

    Much Love & Laughter to you…

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