Sitting in the Fog

The fog often comes after it's been bright and sunny  The dip inevitably comes after the peak

The fog often comes after it's been bright and sunny
The dip inevitably comes after the peak

The fog is dense this morning, not only the fog outside my window. There is a fog of desire in me this morning. I feel the intention and the commitment burning down below and I feel it causing me to have only one poached egg on a piece of toast this morning instead of 2 or 3. I feel it pulling me to write this entry and I feel it pulling me to read my materials for the Black Lodge training. It just feels like I am reaching through a fog to do it all. I am grateful in this moment to know that I have a powerful intention and to be conscious of it as I move through this foggy day. Days like today would often have led me to act out in bad habits that were most definitely on the path of integration and intention. I am also aware that I am in the foggy natural dip that follows a bright clear mountaintop high.

I have spoken to clients for years about the dips that follow the peaks and how the peaks wouldn’t be peaks at all if there weren’t dips to provide the necessary dimension for the peaks. So I am a huge proponent of being in the dip instead of wishing you weren’t. Great theory that, and when it comes to practicing it, I gotta say it ain’t easy. I am noticing today that with a powerful intention and path to lean into I can fall back into the fog a bit more then I would let myself if I didn’t have that behind me. With that certainty of Self and direction as the foundation I can feel the fog and the blues a bit and not think it “means” something other then merely being the dip that follows the peak.

Man oh man were the last 2 weeks a peak. The whole time in Amsterdam with Karen was wonderful, from the meeting with S & N to the time with the Dutch CTI community to all the wonderful tourist times, strolls and meals we had, and mostly just the connection time with Karen. Then flying from Holland straight to North Carolina and meeting up with brother Sam to lead the fabulous Retreat 4 of the Wild Boars. The breakthroughs and the learning was off the charts, not only for the participants but for me too. The connection with Sam and the breakthroughs that we had in our relationship were paradigm shifting.

So coming back from a 2 week run like that to my big beautiful empty house I can expect to step into a bit of fog. Then the weather co-operates so perfectly by giving me a mass of fog so dense that I can barely see the trees in my backyard and the ocean is just a sound in the background. As I write this I realize how brilliant I have been all these years in my coaching with my clients and the work I have done with all of the folks I have touched around the cycles of breakthrough. I say this with a bit of tongue in cheek, because it is one of those things that I said but didn’t practice. I knew it like a truth, like one season following another, like the cycles of life, yet I still let myself get carried away by the dips and let it somehow be more “true”, so that decisions would get made and things cut off before they had a chance to grow or ripen. I did that to me. And I knew better. The thing that I am realizing now is that (bop myself on the forhead)“duh” with no foundation of course one slips and falls, and with a firm foundation of clarity of purpose, intention and commitment one stands in the fog on that foundation and notices, contemplates and cooks what is going on. This is not the place of decisions, instead this is the place of composting.

4 responses to “Sitting in the Fog

  1. This is an amazing post. It speaks to the wild difference between knowing something with our minds and truly having a deep personal experience that is full bodied and integrated. This “knowing” is so vastly different than the “knowing” that we do with our mind. Yet another lens on what we mean when we say “contextual learning”. Yes, it is experience and the experience needs to be integrated in a full bodied way. Without the context of “The Dip” and the conversations we’ve had around it, this morning you would have just had a profound experience of being blue. It’s the larger context that gives it meaning.

    Same thing with this journey you are on.’s the larger context that makes it so profound.

    I love you and all your many journies. Thank you for the way those rivers wash over me and carry me to places of unique experience and thought.

  2. All these years at CTI, I’ve heard and read about “THE DIP”. I’ve just never connected The Dip with the cycle of life, that the peaks are what they are due to the dips. It’s yin and yang. Need both to make the whole.

    Your words hit me: “I can feel the fog and the blues a bit and not think it “means” something other then merely being the dip that follows the peak.”

    Wow, it’s just the dip! Not the stuff that one can make up about the dip. Thanks for opening my eyes to the cycle of life.

  3. Love, love, love this post Henry; I can really resonate with the idea of “knowing” something and still being challenged when it comes to the practice of that knowing. Watched a 3-minute clip from the movie The Princess Diaries 2 the other day (occupational hazard of having a 6 year old princess-loving daughter at home — you start watching princess movies 🙂 ) — in which the heroine says, “The concept IS grasped — it’s just the execution that’s a little elusive”. I could really get that. Thanks for reminding me that the time for decisions is definitely not when I’m in “the dip”. Have I mentioned how much you ROCK??? Love you, Gail

  4. Henry,

    Dip ON! So much inspiration here. I’m amazed by the dips…. As a mountain climber I love the peaks, and I also love the valleys, just as much. What I get from your message is that both are gifts when we discover the meaningfulness of them, and within that meaningfulness both are so important to growth. I find that often, in our culture we value only the peaks. It is in the valleys and dips where so much can be learned too, if we just wait a bit and allow things to happen. And jeeze… why wouldn’t we all embrace that? I think this teaches us to move in harmony with life, rather than resist or ignore it. Here’s to the full realm of it all, trusting and including dips, for without them what would life be like?

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