Reason to Swim

Learning how to swim in a crowded lane  Winning the battle between the old habits and the new reasons.

Learning how to swim in a crowded lane
Winning the battle between the old habits and the new reasons.

I swam yesterday, first time back in the pool since before I left for Amsterdam. It was good and I had already lost a bit of the stamina I built up. Or more likely I haven’t found my pace yet and I swam a little too fast at first so I tired more quickly then I had in my last few swims. The pool was crowded so I am getting used to sharing a lane with other swimmers and feel like I have to push a bit or slow down a bit based on other swimmers and that probably is not true. It probably has more to do with my habits or tendrils around that old ‘not enough’ tap root. Here’s how that belief would go: “I am a new swimmer and not as fit as others and I don’t know the rules well so I will do my best not to get in anybody’s way and because I am such a big guy, when I pass someone going the other way in the same lane I better move right up against the ropes so we don’t get any where near each other.” These are such depressing statements and beliefs, it’s a wonder I stayed in the pool at all. Except – It was a gorgeous day, the water was great and felt great on my body, my intention was strong, my good friend Art’s advice of being aware of all of my supporters as I swam each lap returned and the strong goal sitting in the front of my mind that I wanted to add 2 laps in distance to the last swim, all these things were much louder in my brain then those old tendrils. So I swam a quarter mile or about 450 yards alternating the crawl with the breast stroke and taking short rests between sets of 4 laps. It’s a good thing for me to do.

I am taking my little swim bag with me on my road trip to New Mexico hoping I will find motels with pools for my stop over nights and mainly because I am never packing a suitcase again with out my little swim bag.

That’s it for today, tons of prep to do for leaving and prepping the house for my Mom and her friends to come and stay whilst I am gone.

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