My Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart - ALL OF ME :-))

Happy Birthday to my Body, Mind, Spirit and Heart - ALL OF ME :-))

Whew, here it is, I am sitting in a motel in Williams Arizona on a 2 day road trip to the canyons of New Mexico to meet with some wise warriors for peace and spiritual awakening, and it’s MY BIRTHDAY. This may be the first birthday in many years that I have woken up alone and not had somebody to say to me, close upon waking, Happy Birthday Henry. Of course there was a large period of my life when I was completely alone on mornings like that and those were not happy days, they were not days I would have chosen to be as they were, or so I thought at the time. Today however I completely choose to be right here and right now completely alone in my motel room celebrating my birthday. I know that there are lots of incredible people taking a moment to stop today and put me in their thoughts and prayers and send a happy birthday wish to me. In fact I peeked on Facebook last night before I went to bed and already had seen many well wishers there sending along some love. I am heading into a tribe of people who love me deeply and I know that there will be some celebration tonight when we all meet up on the rim of the canyon.

All this is really wonderful and right this moment is sweetest because I am here alone with all the parts of me celebrating together that we have come to share this experience at this time. Body is respected and loved, mind is honored and respected, spirit is recognized and known, heart is free. I am, all in all, feeling pretty good about standing on this earth at this time. How else should one feel about their birthday?

Saying goodbye to Karen yesterday was the hardest goodbye we’ve had in a long time. We have grown so much in our love and in our lives together. We also realized that in addition to us missing 2 of my birthdays because of my Black Lodge training, wih her starting Black Lodge next year we’ll miss two of my birthdays with her training. The next birthday I spend with Karen on the actual day of my birthday will be my 59th birthday. That seems strange and somehow sad enough to create an additional burden of sadness to this parting. I love you Karen and we will celebrate my birthday many times over the next few years, just not ON my birthday.

On this birthday I want to take this auspicious time to declare my intention yet again. In fact in the Black Lodge, where my medicine name is Diamond Bear, I was asked to write a manifesto of intention and I am going to include it here and let it be reborn in it’s speaking as it is every day and every minute in my consciousness:

Manifesto of Intention
Diamond Bear

I Am Spirit Awakened.
Filling the Universe with Limitless Light, Wonderous Love, and Enthusiastic Life.
I Bring the Way of Peace,
And the Cosmic Belly Laugh of Joy and Creation.

My Destiny is to Wake the People up to their Aliveness and Creativity and to Point and Protect Human Consciousness.

In order to live into who I Am and my Destiny I will:

• Walk the earth as a Spiritual Warrior and a Shirtwearer living into my Dream of Life with every breath I take.
• Live my life consciously, always seeking to look deeper and deeper into the realms of my consciousness.
• Be transparent in my seeking so that while I become more conscious others may learn more about their journey and seek deeper consciousness.
• Inspire others to live their lives consciously, both through example and teaching.
• Integrate all parts of myself, bringing the harmony, love and wisdom contained in each part into the whole of me.
• Love my body, Free my mind, and Sink into my spirit.
• Collaborate, Create, Teach, Lead, Design, Think, Feel, Express, and Listen with others to create a world filled with peaceful, loving, and laughing humans on a journey towards deeper consciousness and connection with themselves and each other.
• Awaken the powerful and responsible leader in all the humans so that they can take on the robe of response-ability for their world and then their universe.
• Be the guide and listen for guidance with every breath I take.

These are my words on my 56th Birthday March 22 2009
Diamond Bear
Henry Kimsey-House

2 responses to “My Birthday

  1. As one of the many recipients of the gifts you bring, I thank you for the path you walk, Henry. I am inspired to live more fully and transparently myself. I support you as you move into ever-deeper love and appreciation of your body.

    Carol Allison

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