Inside Creating Outside

By looking in and healing mySelf  I can turn a rainy day into a day like this.  :-)

By looking in and healing mySelf
I can turn a rainy day into a day like this.

It was raining and cold when I got up this morning. I stayed in bed for a half hour not wanting to get up and when I finally did I lumbered and grumbled like the big bear I can sometimes be in the morning as I washed my face and rolled into the kitchen to make some tea. I then went to my recliner and sank back into a healing meditation that I learned in Black Lodge and called on the 4 daughters of beauty to examine me and see what was going on. As I scanned and breathed and listened and tuned into this amazing body I started to shift my state to one of calm and acceptance. When I came out of this meditation the sky was a beautiful combination of blue and clouds and the ocean was a lovely silver blue color and not only was I feeling better but the world outside my window seemed to be feeling better as well. At the very least Beauty was exposed inside and out. It can be so profoundly simple to alter my reality it completely stuns me still, even though I’ve experienced it many times it still amazes me that by shifting my state of being through meditation, healing and prayer I can literally shift what’s going on around me. Wow.

Last night I went on a dinner date with my beloved to a wonderful Italian restaurant called Piatti. I put on a shirt I liked, so I could dress up a bit for my date, and the shirt had grown quite a bit. I was shocked actually that it was as big on me as it was. I started buttoning the top button and it felt like I was buttoning the 2nd button down. I was noticing as I was driving back from New Mexico that my belly was further away from the steering wheel and I kept rubbing it to check if it was still there, it was, and noticing the increased distance, wondering if somehow the seat was able to move back further then I thought. Now shirt and seat show me a kind of measure that says I am succeeding in this program and that I am actually creating an intention and a dream of myself that is shifting completely the old reality into a new form. OK, back to the date. We split the meal with glee and worked with the waiter to turn the salad, pasta and cod into a 3 course meal where each course came and was consciously eaten while having some great conversation. The only place where moderation or restraint wasn’t really practiced was with the bread and the olive oil. I have agreed with mySelf that I wouldn’t eat bread and behind that agreement is an understanding that if the bread is exceptional there may be exceptions. The problem with that understanding is the addictive nature of exceptional bread. I do think that once that wheat hits my body, it stimulates tremendous desire for more bread. My next big restraint challenge comes with the next bread basket, to see what happens to that almost addictive desire if it isn’t fed at all.

I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all of you readers out there for your comments, support and acknowledgment. I appreciate the depth to which many of you let yourselves go as you look over what I am writing about and I love the comments, suggestions, thoughts and inspirations that you share here on the blog. Thank you.

2 responses to “Inside Creating Outside

  1. Hello love,
    I know that being with you can turn MY rainy day into one of beauty like in the photo. What a joy to watch YOU grow in beauty and in grace. I love you,

  2. It’s beautiful when we realize that by going inside, we can create wonderful changes on the outside. Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts and feelings as you continue to create from the inside out.

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