Back on Track

Once I get back in line  The flying gets much easier

Once I get back in line
The flying gets much easier

Yesterday was a great day. Today it’s raining and grey and I am loving it and not relating it to my mood at all. In fact there is some lovely piano music playing in the background that is creating this feeling of lightly falling rain that is seeming to go perfectly for the light rain outside and the feeling of clean that is inside. Yesterday was great because it was a day of practice mixed with work. I had 3 meals that were conscious and moderation and/or restraint was practiced successfully. Breakfast was a poached egg on a thin slice of rye toast with a bit of Ken’s famous salsa on top (so good I think I’ll make it again this morning). Lunch was half a mug of soup and a salad (full at 2/3s and stopped). Dinner was half a lamb steak crusted with herbs de Provence, half a baked potato, salad with my homemade spicy thousand island dressing. Everything was eaten slowly to a point of satisfaction and then the rest was saved or thrown out. I feel confidently back on my program. I think my date with Karen the night before helped, getting in that shirt that is almost too big for me and realizing how far the steering wheel is moving away from my belly has been powerful evidence of the power of my intention and commitment to this program of integration of all my parts into this wonderful Self that is me.

I also swam yesterday. I went down to the pool and swam 22 laps 550 yards with very little stopping to rest and alternating between the crawl and the breast stroke. When I got out of the pool I felt the good kind of tired that tells me that my body did something it enjoyed doing and stretched a little further then it had before. I began seeing mySelf swimming the 66 laps or so that make up a mile in the not to distant future. I began seeing mySelf gliding more effortlessly through the water as my strokes become more graceful, smooth and efficient. I began to see myself hop easily out of the pool in one smooth and easy motion as that person does who feels completely at ease in pools does. I feel the dream of mySelf as a swimmer beginning to weave itself into the dream of an integrated Self. Part of that dream is to be able to swim in a steady and certain stroke around the island that has my cottage on it this summer.

Yesterday I did two different meditations as well. I did a gentle healing meditation, in which I scanned my body, mind, spirit, and emotions to look for any thing that was out of balance and if I found anything I looked at was needed to bring it back into balance. This is a new meditation for me and even in the scanning I am getting fuzzy images and question marks along with some interesting things that show up that need some breath or energy sent to them. I do know however that the more I scan the clearer things will become. The second meditation I got to lie down on the floor in my little cupola on the top of my house and sink into the dream that is my life and tune into how that dream merges with the dream of the universe and all life. It is an amazing opening that feels, sometimes, like I am a little kid peeking behind the curtain of how all of this is set up and works. In adding these two different meditations into my practice of meditation I realize I am building quite a little repertoire of meditations, all of which are profoundly helpful in creating the life I am living and the dream I am moving into.

2 responses to “Back on Track

  1. Hey Henry,

    I love reading about your swimming, since I’ve been doing the same…. I find that if I let it go too long, I backslide — but when I get back in the pool my endurance picks up pretty well. I find it meditative, too… at least I do after I get over the initial hump.

    You are doing great — reading your posts inspires me and helps me going on my own Quest. For me, the current them is acceptance/keep going…. acceptance/keep going…. presence presence presence…

    love you


  2. I love the image of visulising yourself swimming more laps easily and effortlessly. Also, I remember reading about a research study a few years back which asked one group of people to both exercise and to visulaise themselves being active/exercising for 15 minutes a day. Another group was just asked to exercise. At the end of the study, they found that the first group (exercisers and visulaisers) lost more weight/inches than the second group. The researchers controlled for other factors that might have influenced the study such as food intake so it was good proof of the power of the mind.

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