Learning from Dreams

Learning to Sort my Garbage

Learning to Sort my Garbage

I woke up this morning with two dreams sticking around.

In the first dream I am a teenager living with a large family like group in the middle of “the port of Newark” with huge ships moving around right in front of me. Many of these ships carry old buildings on them that are going to be dumped at sea. I want to go swimming and it isn’t right or safe to.

In the second dream I am collecting garbage in a cul de sac of a neighborhood with nice, relatively new, homes. It is my first time picking up garbage here and I am with someone who has worked here before. In each driveway is a pile of unsorted garbage and stuff. My job seems to be to bag all of the garbage and drag the bags to the truck. It is hard to tell the garbage from the stuff and there was no sorting of recycling from the garbage it all went in the clear plastic bags that were strewn about on the driveway. It was almost impossible to tell the garbage from the not garbage. We stuffed our bags and dragged them to the truck and it felt really off.

I am pretty certain my night time dreams are trying to tell me that it is time to get clear again as to what is garbage and what is not in my life and to have care as to where and how I throw the garbage out. I need to sort the “good stuff”, “the recycling”, and “the garbage” myself, no one is going to tell me what is what. I need to get rid of the stuff that needs to go someplace so that it is still “right and safe” to swim. I woke up wondering what it was that had to go and my first thoughts went to any “bad“ habits that still clung to me and that began to feel like ”whole buildings“ and driveways full of good stuff and garbage. So I am now looking at the sorting. Sorting is about consciousness. For instance, TV isn’t ”bad stinky garbage“ it does need to be sorted more consciously though. Not having a drink doesn’t mean ”take the whole building on a ship and dump it“, it means that it has to be sorted more consciously. I am also clear that the sorting needs to be done first before the garbage goes out. I can’t just throw it all out into the driveway and then hope someone else comes along and sorts it for me. They can’t help but bag it all up and toss it.

This is a more nuanced form of restraint or it is a step prior to restrain. It’s not just about holding myself back from things and learning appropriate size or amounts of things. It’s also about sorting things and discovering which things need to be held back more, which things I need to keep, and which things need to be tossed out from the get go. Once that is all done then I look at the size and amount and practice restraint and then moderation. Sort – Restraint – Moderation. All can only be done with a deepened consciousness and awareness.

4 responses to “Learning from Dreams

  1. Hi Henry!

    Powerful dreams you’ve just had. What a gift! One thing that strikes me is that in many dream-tending circles, water often represents your subconscious. So a message here might also be that there are further depths to plumb in your own subconscious, but before it’s “right or safe to” swim on in, some clean-up needs to happen, which you’re now doing!

    I’ve found myself with an unexpectedly free afternoon today, and you’ve just inspired me to do some sorting and clearing of my own. Thank you!

    Big hugs,


  2. I always look forward to each night’s dream. I write dreams down and read them later to find clues as to where to look. Dreams are one of the best internal tools we have. Creative, colorful, and chaotic at times. Cool!

    • Thanks guys,

      I have just picked up, and plan to read on my upcoming journey, “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” by LaBerge and Rheingold. I want to explore the night dream more lucidly and this book has been on my shelf for years calling to me. I think this is the time.


  3. Mmmmm. Love Dreaming, as it informs us! Like Jennet said above…I too look forward to each night’s dreams. And what I know to be true, is that when you DO look forward to your dreams, you are setting up an expectation for guidance….and with regular practice…it comes.

    Whenever things feels jumbled…take a nap! 🙂

    Much Love & Laughter to you H!

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