Turtle Medicine

So much to learn from these guys.

So much to learn from these guys.

I love braising. Yesterday I started braising a pork roast around 3:30 and before I even started I could sink into the slowness of it all. I could pull out the dutch oven and pour some olive oil in it and heat it up, just enjoying that and not feel like I was already on my way to something else, like I often feel when cooking. While the oil heated I could prepare the meat for browning and then start to brown it while I started the wine to boil into a reduction in another pan. With the meat browning and the wine reducing, I love that things are browning and reducing around me it’s like they are at some wonderful tropical resort, I start to cut up the onions, carrots, celery slowly and easily no superman fast chopping necessary. Now the meat is done browning and the oil has some good meat juices mixed in and I take the meat out and put the vegies to saute a bit in the red dutch oven, while the wine reduces on. After a bit of salt and pepper and saute I pour in some stock, put the meat back in the pot and add the reduced wine with some herbs de provence put the cover on and stick in the preheated oven to cook slowly on a low heat for 2 and a half hours (or more) with the incredible smells filling the whole house. Karen comes home and we sit down in the living room surrounded by these warm and luscious smells as we have a drink and connect and talk about our day. At some point I get up and cut up some potatoes, leeks and apples and put them in the pot and then pull it out and we sit down to consciously eat a delicious bowl of gifts from the earth.

I am so in love with SLOW these days. I love swimming in the slow lane and feeling the natural rhythm of my breathing and my stroke fall into place and not feel the pressure of needing to go faster for anyone else. I love being able to feel the water pushing against me and flowing over me and holding me up all at the same time. I love pausing for a moment after swimming a few laps and looking over at the other swimmers or the kids in the kiddie pool or the sky and then swimming a few more laps. No where to go and nothing to rush off to.

I love having a slow morning where my practices are all there and I don’t have to rush through to “get to my day”. I linger in bed a few minutes to see if I can replay my dreams and then I move into either the shower or the kitchen to make a cup of tea and then either up here to do some writing or up to my cupola for some meditation and then I ease into my day. When I can ease into my day from here I have a much more rich and fulfilling one then when I start out faster.

As I head into this upcoming month of travel and possible busyness I want to remember that I LOVE STARTING OUT SLOW. So if I feel the need to start my morning earlier it is ok to set an alarm for much earlier and let mySelf emerge from the sleeping dream to the waking dream in a slow easy way and then move into my practices before leaving to do what I am headed for next.

I am carrying around a small ceramic turtle as a reminder of this powerful lesson and look forward to all there is to learn as I slow down and let things cook a bit more.

This is my dream of MySelf.

4 responses to “Turtle Medicine

  1. S L O W…..and so intentional. So lovely. And I’m now, So Hungry…after reading this delicious post!

    Fast or S L O W…….you are in control. My prayer for you is that you know…when you need, fast…and when you need S L O W!

    Love & Laughter,

    • Thanks Leann
      I am wondering after todays post “Preparing for the Challenges the Universe will Provide” if in my powerful self “fast” doesn’t live in S L O W. That within that conscious deep breath place of S L O W the ability to respond quickly or to strike while the iron is hot exists. I know it is much more difficult to find the other way around. It is harder to find S L O W in an already fast moving pace.

      Hmmm more to ponder
      Love Henry

  2. Hmmmm. Very interesting Henry. And I would say that YES…the ability to act FAST is very much alive in the slow…because of the level on consciousness we have available to us…in S L O W. In fact…I’d even say that being in the place to strike while the iron is hot as you say, or to pick up the vibes of guidance as I might say :)….is available to us WAY more often in the S L O W. Therin lies a HUGE piece of the value of SLOW. (as I know you know…so thanks for the reminder!)

    Thanks for reminding me to frequently step out of fast! 🙂 It is all too easy to slip into the fast groove in today’s hectic world. And while there, I believe we miss a lot….

    I forget who said “we are enough, we have enough, we do enough”….this is SO true….and when we sit in this knowing…we suddenly have even more. 🙂

    Love & Laughter,

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