Preparing for the Challenges the Universe will Provide

Sometimes getting all the ducks in a row  becomes more impotant then slowing down and breathing.  This is changing

Sometimes getting all the ducks in a row
becomes more impotant then slowing down and breathing.
This is changing

Well I was out the door at 7:15 this morning and headed for an early morning swim. It’s the first time I started my day with a swim and I like it. My body feels wonderful and awake in a whole other way and I feel ready to face my day from a cared for place. The pool is open for lap swims from 6:15 to 8:15 and as long as I am home I don’t see any reason not to have a couple of times a week at least when I start my day that way. My morning practice flows out from there in several possible directions. I came home this morning really hungry for some breakfast, which I conspired with a bowl of cereal and some consciousness to consume, I can also see coming home and heading straight for a meditation and dreaming session and then some breakfast. Then up here to my computer to blog and do some Black Lodge homework and then into my day. There is a really nice flow to it.

Of course I discover this cool flow the day before I take off for a month to go to Dubai, for 2 weeks, and then to Israel for two weeks. So that flow will be challenged a bit as I work out where and if I can swim and where I meditate, dream and blog. Most are quite easily solvable and only the swim might be a challenge at the hotels in Dubai. I know there is a pool in the hotels in Israel and I am not sure about the retreat center, and I know it will all work out just the way it is supposed to.

I am sitting here having mixed feelings about the upcoming journey. On the one hand I just got back from a 2 week journey and I would love to settle into a lovely routine of consciousness, if that makes any sense. On the other hand, clearly I have created the perfect opportunity at the perfect time to test mySelf and my program and practices. All of the time I have invested in mySelf and the practices to create the integration have been done in a beautiful and mostly controlled environment that make it simpler to establish and follow a program. Like any program though, once established it needs to be challenged and shaped by those challenges as much as by the intention itself. I need to pay attention to the feedback from the universe as I do to my intention. As I move in and out of that dance I find the weave of the two energies and learn the dance of my life’s dream.

I also feel this tug inside to speed things up a bit, like a small anxiety fluttering around in my solar plexus. I feel it pulling on the turtle medicine energy that I am so loving. I feel this familiar feeling of “faster” rising inside of this deep breathing, slow moving, powerfully efficient Self. As the preparations for the trip start swirling in my head and the wonderings if I have my ducks all in a row, and beginning to time out my trip to the airport, I feel the swirl start. I want to calm that swirl down while it is still a small thing in me. I want to move into this journey from the turtle place and keep breathing deeply as I move forward in my preparations and the journey itself. I want to feel the turtle as I get together with my friends and colleagues in Dubai and step in front of the room of bank execs. I want to move, think and speak from the turtle energy as I gather with the group of parents and leaders in the other workshops I am leading while on this journey. I want to be a turtle tourist while walking around some ancient historical and spiritual sites with my beloved. I notice as I write this that my deep breathing turtle self is calming down the “faster” and that the “wants” above are turning into “wills”. This is good.

5 responses to “Preparing for the Challenges the Universe will Provide

  1. My mantra when I am getting ducks in a row is: There’s always plenty of time. (Hey, didn’t I learn that from leadership? s t r e t c h time?

    Dawdling is my latest pleasure – I see so much more of the world that way…especially the small, up close world..may you dawdle plenty on your travels, Henry! – Kathy

  2. I LOVE this post! Just like a little baby turtle entrains behind the big hoo ha turtle to learn “turtleness” so I can swim along behind you and learn from you. Because if there was ever a being who needed to learn turtle medicine, it’s this one.-:)

    I love you!

  3. So, here’s what I love Henry. You are looking at and planning for your SELF. Yes, there are many things to do and people to see, la la la, AND you are planning how it will all work around you and the way you will exercise and how you will stay conscious and how you will continue your dreaming. Slow and steady–that’s you!

    Love, Debra

  4. Your Will….is very powerful.

    Always remember that when you are standing in your most magnificent turtle-esque-ness, all is perfect in your world!

    That’s a new word I made up special for you…Turtle-esque-ness! If if gives you nothing else, may it give you a chuckle!

    Happy Safe Travels,

  5. I totally get your journey — I’ve found that making small, easy, steps have helped to create the container for the change to sprout.

    You have impacted so many lives and so many people love you — you deserve the best and to love yourself.


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