Off on an Adventure

This is me on my trip  The little boy pointing at the butterfly  The grandfather turtle breathing deep

This is me on my trip
The little boy pointing at the butterfly
The grandfather turtle breathing deep

It’s dawn on Tuesday morning and I am all packed and the bags are in the car and I leave in an hour for the airport. I have been moving at an entirely different pace then I ever have before on the morning of a trip. I have been moving slowly and consciously and I am not feeling any of the swirl of anxious fast in my solar plexus. I am breathing deeply and as I write I am noticing the first rays of the sun hitting the foam of the surf on the ocean below while it also starts to turn Tomales Point shades of gold and green. I am ready for this trip. Part of me doesn’t want to go. That part of me wants to stay here with mySelf and my beloved Karen creating deeper and slower relationship with both. That part of me wants to stay safe and cozy in my newly born practices and the exciting new habits and patterns I am creating for mySelf. This part is also a little afraid that I will fail out there in the world with meeting the challenges that all these new places and people will offer my program. That part of me will miss Karen a lot and worries a bit that I will be lonely and a little lost out there without her.

The other part of me knows there are no accidents and only possibilities. That part of me yearns for the adventure of the new and the unknown. That part of me knows it is perfect that my newly born practices and habits are going to be offered challenge and opportunities to grow and become more solid in all sorts of different circumstances. That part of me is thrilled with the chance to try things like deep conscious breathing and slowing down in exactly the places where I would stress out and speed up, looking forward to facing astonishingly large breakfast buffets and practice restraint and moderation, and finding ways to swim and walk and to keep my body moving in times and places where I am used to settling in to a movie or sleeping in until the last moment. That part of me that wants to join the kid in me on the adventure and encourage his enthusiasm, eagerness and desire for more, while at the same time moving with the patience, wisdom and slowness of the grandfather turtle in me.

I choose to follow the path of the second part of me for this journey. I know that I am going and the second dream of mySelf is the way to move into and through this journey AND have it serve my program and practices. As I breathe deeply and watch the ocean roll in and think of my beautiful Karen, I want her to roll through the next two weeks in the ocean of my love, floating in it and being held up by it knowing that I am always there. I am thinking, our thoughts create our reality, that the love and the connection is so strong we won’t even notice the distance or the time. It will be like I went down for a cup of tea.

What a world we live in where I can listen to some beautiful music and watch the sunrise, hop in a plane and in a blink of the eye be on the other side of the planet watching another ocean and the sunset and listening to different beautiful music.

3 responses to “Off on an Adventure

  1. My, my, my! I will gladly practice surfing that ocean roll of love while you are away. . .thank you for dreaming that dream for me. I applaud your noticing and including the one who is afraid (he so often gets left out of things!) and I know that the adventurer will lead which is as it should be.

    Have great discoveries out there in the wide world my love. About consiousness and awareness and restraint. ..and probably recovering. About your precious Self and how that is manifest in any place and in every way.

    I can’t wait to hear all about what you are practicing, learning, discovering.

  2. I am struck by how solid and strong you sound in your intention and commitment! I have no doubt Grandfather Turtle and Little Boy will have a wonderful adventure and I look forward to hearing all about it.

    Safe travels!

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