The Opportunities of Jet Lag

The view from my hotel window.   An amazing mix of the old and the new.

The view from my hotel window.
An amazing mix of the old and the new.

One of the advantages of flying for 20+ hours is that when you arrive everything your body thinks it knows about time no longer applies. I left my house in Dillon Beach at 8:30 in the morning on Tuesday April 14 and caught a plane that left San Francisco at 12:30 arrived in Washington DC 5 hours later at 8:30 pm caught a plane for Dubai at 10:00 arrived in Dubai 13 hours later at 7:30 in the evening on Wednesday April 15. My body is saying “Wait a minute, when am I supposed to eat and sleep and what is dinner? Where is breakfast? Oh no breakfast well is this Lunch or is it dinner? Was I supposed to get a full nights sleep on the plane or when I get there? Or never?” After figuring things out and making it to my hotel, it is a little like I am sleep walking and my body is grumbling something like “this just isn’t right.” The good news is once I check into my room and fall into the bed around 9:00 at night Dubai time I actually fall asleep. I woke up this morning around 4:30 and have had a leisurely morning grounding mySelf in my practices. I meditated and did a bit of conscious dreaming, showered and went down to check out the pool for a swim a little later today and went to the buffet. I’ll talk about the buffet and my program in a bit, but I want to finish talking about the advantages of my body not quite knowing what habits to apply to what times. What I felt most challenged by a few days ago around staying with my program and practices feels not a bit challenging at all, yet, thanks to all this time I have had this morning to set my intention and to remember who I Am and what it is I am dedicated to. With out that fluke of jet lag and weird circumstances for my body I may not have had that time for mySelf to get lined up as to what was most important. Now if I remember my jet lag history, the tough night for me is usually night 2, tomorrow night, and if it is tough I am not going to force mySelf to try to sleep if it doesn’t feel like that is the direction to go, I am going to do what feels right and be glad that I have given mySelf this extra time before having to go to work to get this all sorted out.

Now the buffet. As I mentioned before the buffet’s here in Dubai are monstrous affairs with interesting foods from many traditions all there for the piling on. I went in with my restraint switch turned on. I put some small tastes of the interesting things on the plate and put some pieces of fruit and had the chef make a small omelette and took a small half bowl of oatmeal with a dab of yogurt and nuts in it. I completely passed up the breads and sweets. I know that sounds like a lot but it is an amazing example of restraint in my book. I was seated outside overlooking the creek and sunk into my inner moderation turtle and consciously, slowly ate my breakfast, feeling into when I was done with one thing moving on to the next and after I had savored the breakfast and felt my belly to be at about a 2.5 I stopped and left the rest on the plate. It was a complete victory!

I am off to a good start on this journey filled with challenges and opportunities. Later I go for a swim and maybe meet up with my friends Gonan and Johan and their daughter Amelia at their great house on the Persian Gulf and swim in the warm waters right in front of their house.

3 responses to “The Opportunities of Jet Lag

  1. Hooray for you Honey!!!! How fun to talk to you on Skype and then get to read this fabulous post. You truly are dreaming the dream and walking the talk.

    I love you so!

  2. Dear Henry, I love your perspective on “there is no accident, only possibilities”. I had been concerned about the jet lag for my trip in 2 weeks, suddenly, this blog appeared in my reader, I was already excited just by reading the title. What appears coincidence to me in the past started to filter through the lenses of possibility and opportunity. I cannot tell you how much I have learned about “slow is fast” after our conversation last week as well as reading your posts on the topic. What a gift you have brought to me and the rest of the world by so beautifully and transparently digging into your consciousness. As reading your blog becomes my daily routine, sometimes it feels like I am getting a free ride on the fast track on my own consciousness journey. Looking forward to reading more of your wisdom drawn from all the possibilities open up while you are venturing on the other side of globe. Having lots of fun. Jing

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