I took this picture from blog HillBuzz  and it is a great example of a breakfast buffet  Just one of the 5 or 6 tables

I took this picture from blog HillBuzz
and it is a great example of a breakfast buffet
Just one of the 5 or 6 tables

I’m just back from that breakfast buffet, having done my meditation, homework and showered. This morning I did alright with my restraint and focused more on vegetables and smoked fish then I did on fruit, it was delicious, and my belly isn’t as happy as it was yesterday. I also ate a bit faster and less consciously then I did yesterday so I would give Restraint a 7 and moderation a 6 on a 1-10 scale. Last night however at a buffet of Japanese food, which I love and would have sampled everything in there in my last lifetime, I would give restraint a 9 and moderation a 9 as well. The only reason I am not giving mySelf 10s is desert. With the proper restraint and moderation I would have had less desert. It didn’t send me over the top of belly fullness and it just was a bit over the top. However in a Japanese restaurant it isn’t about the desert any way. It’s about the other stuff, After taking a hike around this incredible buffet and planning out my meal I started with 4 pieces of sushi, only 4 not 8 and not 2 maki just 4 (Restraint) with some wasabi and pickled ginger and soya. I savored them slowly. When I was ready I went to the “salad” bar. All sorts of interesting little glasses of things like Japanese crab salad, thai squid salad and tiny bowls of edemame, korean kim chee, and other cold seafood and vegie items. I took 4 of these tiny things, not one of each, as the adventurer was begging me to do. I returned and savored these with a couple sips of cold sake. I sat for a bit looking over the hot entree options. There was a noodle soup station, a fish tepanake station, a meat tepanake and shabu shabu station there was a whole wall of different hot dishes with rice. Some of my best dining memories in Japan were Shabu Shabu meals where finely sliced meat and vegetables are dropped in hot water for a few minutes. So I got a small bowl of shabu shabu and savored most of it. The delicious curries and tepanakes were there tempting and at the same time not tempting. After consciously dropping shabu shabu morsels into my mouth with my chopsticks. I sat back a satisfied belly and happily feeling like 10s in my program. I thought I could go and at least check out the deserts. I got there and they had these ice creams which were calling to me to put some chocolate sauce on them and enjoy and then there were these interesting tiny deserts like green tea hazelnut cake and coconut cream brulee. So I took a couple of small scoops of ice cream and 2 of these little delicacies and threw moderation and consciousness out the window. Finished them up and noticed that the only drop I had spilled on my shirt was a drop of chocolate sauce from unconsciously eaten ice cream. So my exstatic 10s became respectable 9s.

The lesson I learned that is much deeper is that spills on my clothing are results of unconsciousness in my eating. That is actually a new realization for me. My thinking previously was that I was just a fat slob and fat slobs had to deal with stained shirts. The truth is that any stain I have is a stain of unconsciousness. If I am completely conscious when eating I know exactly what is on my spoon or fork and where it is going and if it will make it to it’s destination or not and if not what adjustments to make.

My jet lag slammed me yesterday after a lunch meeting I had with Gonan and Ramke and Nelson who are the friends and clients at Emirates bank. After the consciously eaten lunch I went with Nelson next door to their building and checked out the event space and as I was looking a wave of exhaustion slammed through me and after I got back to my hotel room I got under the covers, thinking I should try to stay awake to find the natural rhythm in my body in this place, however nap was going to happen and it did. I woke up and did some work and watched a movie and went down for the Japanese buffet, thinking that I would not sleep well that night. Well I was wrong on that score too. Sure I woke up a couple times and all in all slept fine and I am hoping that I am now finding my rhythms in this place.

One response to “Buffets

  1. More than anything, it is the stains on the shirt.

    I am borrowing that. I notice I am getting messier and less conscious.

    Great structure. Less Shouting It Out.

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