Swimming in the Persian Gulf

Gonan's house is on the right of the palm tree   Where the first and second fronds meet  We swam most of the way down betwen the first and second frond.

Gonan's house is on the right of the palm tree
Where the first and second fronds meet
We swam most of the way down betwen the first and second frond.

Yesterday I met with my colleague Gonan at her lovely home which is on the man made group of islands built off the coast of Dubai in the shape of a palm tree. It is called the Palm Jumeirah and it is an amazing feat of Man’s ability to reclaim and shape the earth into what image he chooses. Gonan lives on the first frond on the right hand side as you look down at the picture. She lives right at the trunk end of the frond where it meets the frond above it to form a beautiful inlet that is 1.3 Kilometers long. After a good long working session redesigning our workshop that we are going to do today with Emirates Bank we got on our bathing suits and lept into the water and started to swim out in the space between the fronds. I have to acknowledge my friend Gonan here, I was already to pack it in and go back to my hotel, suffering the tail ending of jet lag. Gonan put this very powerful and determined pout on her face and in her voice and said that she thought we were going to go for a swim and to get over myself already. So I yielded and am thrilled that I did. The water was delightfull, At my cottage we would have called it perfect and here in Dubai it was a little cooler then what they are used to (I think), it was the temperature of a bath that is ready for a bit more warm water, in other words it was refreshing and easy to get used to. Once we started swimming along at a decent turtle pace and having a delightful conversation at the same time we found our selves about 3/4 of the way down the frond and then we turned around and swam back and after all was said and done I think we swam about 1.5 K or pretty close to a mile. It was an easy and fun swim and my body was very happy to be outside and in the water working all of its parts to stay afloat and move and soak in the salty embrace of Moriella. When we got back to the water fall that begins the space between the fronds we got out and went up to the swimming pool that is there and it is heated so that it is like I had someone poor that warm water in the bath tub that you were wanting and it felt so odd and so good to sit in that pool and get warmed up, even though I wasn’t all that cold in the first place. It was a luxuriously warm and wonderful time for my body.

I am pleased that I am able to keep going at a good turtle pace. Gonan and I had to throw most of what we had designed out before because our friends at Emirates had other and more specific needs and yet we didn’t get frantic at all and designed something that I think will be a great immersion into the space of Leadership and at the same time provide some real world experience of Leadership in the area’s that are needed. We moved steadily along in our design and had some time in the end for our lovely swim. Then like good turtles we went over to some friends of theirs for a birthday party, where I was moderated in my consumption of party food, and when it was time for me to go at a reasonable turtle hour I took cab home.

All in all a good day to have while traveling on business to have it not be hectic and nuts and to move through with confidence and ease. What else could anyone ask for?

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