Listening to my Body

This is a weird picture I took of my body in a mirror in Dubai  I am putting it here to remind mySelf to listen to and honor  My Body

This is a weird picture I took of my body in a mirror in Dubai
I am putting it here to remind mySelf to listen to and honor
My Body

Last night I returned from my day leading the workshop with the leadership team at Emirates Bank and was sitting in the hotel lounge with my lovely co-leader Gonan and our wonderful assistant Michelle debriefing the day and getting set up for the next day when this wave of exhaustion came over me. It felt like the combination of Jet Lag and adrenalin outflow working together. It was about 6pm and we were just finishing our meeting and I went up to my room and sat down on the bed and tried to watch some TV and found my eyes closing. No dinner was being served until 7pm and I had to stay awake in order to eat dinner. As I was sitting there watching some stupid movie, trying to stay awake so that I could eat dinner and then come back to the room to stay awake a little longer so that when I woke up it would be the right time to wake up to start my day. I all of a sudden realized what a load of crap that thinking was. And I do that kind of thinking about what I should do around my body needs a lot. So I stopped and tuned into my body and what it needed and didn’t need. It clearly needed sleep and it didn’t really need food. My body wanted a “little something” and it didn’t want dinner or even a meal. What my body was crying out for was some sleep. My brain was all convinced that if I went to sleep this early though it would mess me up for the rest of the day and maybe the week. My brain also was being very right about the need for dinner. One had to have dinner. So I pried my eyes open and got ready for bed and I opened a bag of potato chips from the mini bar and had my little something and I crawled into bed at 7:30, I called the front desk for a 5 am wakeup call optimistically hoping that I would be able to sleep until then, but not really caring when I woke up, because I was just going to do my best to honor my bodies needs. At 3:30 I woke up and lay in bed, at first trying to go back to sleep and then I worked on some of my dreaming and meditation practices from my Black Lodge training. I came up with some good imagery and then I began to think of Karen and tried to Skype her and she had her Skype turned off. So I sent her an email hoping she might be able to give me a call. The universe being what it is, she happened to be checking her email at that moment and a couple minutes later my computer jingled and there was Karen on video on my computer screen. She was sitting at her computer in our wonderful beach house and I was in the hotel room in Dubai and we had a wonderful video call. Boy is this Skype thing cool and it doesn’t cost a penny, how is that possible? So here I am at 6:40 and my body is saying it is a tad hungry and would love some breakfast, the buffet is calling and I am off to have a great day doing what I do and listening to and honoring what my body wants and needs to the best of my ability at the same time. This is a good thing.

2 responses to “Listening to my Body

  1. Hey Henry —

    Ah, yes… to truly listen to and follow our body rather than the “should’s” in our heads.

    Sounds like you are doing great! I think that learning to stay on track while on the road is a key to this puzzle…. it is my current practice, too.

    Keep going!



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