The Spiral and the Trek

Sometimes I get on one of these   And there is nowhere to go but down  Down, down

Sometimes I get on one of these
And there is nowhere to go but down
Down, down

Yesterday morning was a very difficult one for me. I had slipped into an unhappy victim place and was having a remarkably hard time recovering to mySelf. It actually had begun the day before. I had finished the workshop with the senior management folks at Emirates Bank and I was aware of both the exhileration of completion and success and the concerns of not quite getting the job done and not being able to go as deep as I would have liked to go in truly creating a powerful and sustainable shift in the way these people would face their challenges the next day. I was feeling great about experimenting with material from my yearlong Leadership Program in a 3 day format and I was feeling like I was only able to scratch the surface and uncertain about if that scratch was deep enough to make any kind of real difference. I was also co-leading with my friend Gonan and she has a lot of talent and abilities as a leader and she hasn’t had any experience at all with a lot of the material that we used in this workshop, so I was aware of it not being a very even distribution of leader energy and I didn’t feel as able to practice my turtle medicine very successfully, as I unfolded this new leadership material I felt I dominated and pushed a bit harder then I would have liked to. So my spirit was in a mixed energy of excitement at the possibilities of exploration and trying new stuff, concern that I didn’t awaken fully the consciousnesses that I was there to awaken and disappointed that I pushed a little harder and didn’t follow my inner turtle more.

The other thing that happened is that I changed hotels at the same time I was in a bit of a spiritual swirl. I changed from the hotel I described before, where I was on a high floor overlooking a stunning view of the Dubai Creek and the skyline of Dubai in the distance, with excellent service and restaurants and just a good feeling walking into the hotel and moving around it, to a brand new hotel in the middle of a construction zone where my room is on a low floor and I look out at massive buildings all around me under construction and feel encased in cement and glass and traffic that is being diverted in different directions because of the construction. This new hotel is very modern and contemporary in it’s design and there are lots of blacks and whites and sleek modern fixtures that have no personality or character to them at all. To top it off I walked in to this hotel with my spirit in a swirl and a bit turned upside down anyway so all I met was confusion and messed up service. By the time I woke up yesterday morning I was in the middle of a full flown downward spiral, I headed down to the breakfast buffet and was met by a woman who made me sign a form before she said good morning and seated me at a window looking at construction, down some more turns on the spiral, I went to order my omelette from the omelette guy and I stood there after putting in my order watching 4 other people order and receive their eggs, I ordered again and the man nodded and proceded to make another persons omelette and tell me to go to put other stuff on my plate first, so I did and looked at a buffet that through my downward looking eyes saw as pathetic compared to others I had seen in Dubai and I swirled a little further down the spiral, came back and ordered my eggs and after all that he didn’t make me what I ordered and I got back to my table and by this point I had reached hell and I swear that smoke was coming out of my ears and fire out of my eyes. I fumed my way back to my room. I was now officially and completely a VICTIM of my circumstances, all that I had learned about being responsible for creating my universe was completely gone. As I stumbled around a shower where the water didn’t drain and internet that didn’t work, of course, I knew that I needed help. I reached out to my beloved and beeped her on Skype every 10 minutes for an hour hoping and praying that she would find her way to her computer and be there. Then my computer beeped and there was angel of recovery. We talked and she listened and was patient and asked the right questions that helped me remember who I truly am and how to move towards recovery. She made a couple of suggestions and most of all loved me. We ended the call and I went over to meditate by my little alter, one of her reminder suggestions, and I could feel mySelf returning, I could feel the swirl starting to settle and the spiral dissipating.

Adrian Hayes preparing to trek across Greenland   And me at the indoor ski area in the desert in Dubai

Adrian Hayes preparing to trek across Greenland And me at the indoor ski area in the desert in Dubai

I put on my “I smile at strangers” t-shirt, I put it on underneath another shirt but it was there, and headed downstairs to catch a cab. I smiled at several of the staff and they said good morning and smiled back and I realized that the service in this hotel wasn’t nearly as bad if the swirl was settled and I knew it would be good. The other reason I put the t-shirt on is that it is a Leadership Quest of one of the Wild Boars, Leann Maxwell-Burr, and I was headed to a press conference of one of her fellow Wild Boars, Adrian Hayes. I went to the Mall of the Emirates, which is a whole story in itself (later), to a theatre where there were loads of school kids in their different uniforms from all sorts of different cultures. There were press folk there and CEO’s from sponsoring companies as well. Adrian is getting ready to trek with two colleagues from the south tip of Greenland to the north of Greenland, over 1500 miles, to bring more awareness to issues of global sustainability. Adrian holds a world record for reaching all three poles, the north and south pole and Mt Everest, in the shortest amount of time. This time this awesome adventurer and explorer is adding another level of leadership and meaning to the quest by bringing awareness to issues of sustainability and there he was signing all these kids up as ambassadors in their schools to raise the consciousness and awareness of their schools to the issues around sustainability. There he was making the press aware that of all the countries on the planet the United Arab Emirates has the worst carbon footprint per capita, at the same time he is totally inspiring everybody about the journey he is undertaking that has never been done before. So there I am sitting in my t-shirt that is bringing about world peace by having people truly smile at each other and create connections watching someone who is trekking across 1500 MILES of snow and ice to bring awareness to global sustainability and any remaining vestiges of the victim spiral are completely shattered and I truly remember who I am. I am the guy who polishes these diamonds of consciousness and brightens them and encourages them to trek on and step into creating a world that works for everyone. I’ll take that job and I will occasionally forget who I Am and I know that I have incredibly powerful and amazing people around me to remind me. What a life!
Adrian with his ambassadors and sponsors launching his Greenland Quest.

Adrian with his ambassadors and sponsors launching his Greenland Quest.

2 responses to “The Spiral and the Trek

  1. I have waited 2 days for this post, again, I am inspired. You remind me that how easily we can slip into that victim place, and how much resources we have available to help us recover. Thanks for posting the pictures, seeing the familiar faces and the shirt make me so proud to be a Wild Boar, remind me to lean in more to my tribe. Jing

  2. Henry,

    What an incredible journey you had with the spiral folding into a sucking black hole and then unfolding into an expanding universe of incredible living and wonderment.

    I am glad to have you back in the here and NOW.

    Smiling, Jennet

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