The Magician

There I am with my wand  Ready to do some magic

There I am with my wand
Ready to do some magic

This morning I am faced with an interesting situation. I am stepping into a room full of parents from many countries and cultures. These parents have kids that they are raising in the ways they have learned, both from their own upbringing, their experience, their culture, and any other learning that they have done. I have no children and have not had the experience of walking through life side by side with a growing child. I have no direct experience or credentials in the area of parenting or child development.

Yet here I am sitting down with these parents and looking into how they could create the relationships with their children as magical. I just sometimes am blown away by my own moxie. I have sat in front of a room of managers, having never worked in a corporation, and woken them up to ways that they could be incredible managers. I have sat down with doctors and lawyers and candlestick makers and had the stuff to somehow provide value and even some powerful transformational shifts to these people in areas of their lives that I have no direct expertise or experience in. Sometimes I just have to sit back and wonder for a minute how I pull that off.

I have to think back to my younger days when I really thought that I needed “credibility” in all the “areas” of interest that the people I touched carried. I shuffled and danced and felt like a fraud and a fake for a number of years, until it hit me. All of my training and my wisdom and my areas of interest that I have developed my entire life lead me to this point of brilliance. I do know how to get inside and wake people up to their own hearts desire. I do know how to see and close the gap between where a person is and where they want to be. I do know how to awaken consciousness and awareness of what is important and then work on fanning the flames of what ever that is. Once I became clear on that I lost all my need to establish credibility or to prove myself. Once I found the thing I was really good at I no longer had to prove myself. Once I found my purpose and was able to plant a powerful stake for everything I did I know longer needed to struggle so hard to try and learn things I thought I needed to learn in order to “establish my credibility”. I could just trust that as long as I was on purpose and oriented around a clear stake I would not only be fine, I would create powerful transformation and make a difference where ever I went.

So that is where I am headed in a few minutes. To make a powerful difference with these parents. To hand them a shiny new perspective on what it is they already do very well. To be a magician that makes their world more magical. Cool job.

4 responses to “The Magician

  1. Hello my dear magician:

    I love knowing tonight as I drift off to sleep that you are on the other side of the world, just flexing and warming up your magic wand!

    I’m struck by how powerful it is to claim one’s unique gifts. Brings such freedom and. ..I don’t know. . . . peace or something, to move beyond all that trying and earning and proving.

    As I read your post, I found myself breathing deeply and I noticed my shoulders drop. ..a certain letting go in my too of some thing or other that I was carrying.

    Thank you honey. Good night. Hope I can connect with you this evening/tomorrow morning. .. .depending where on the crystal ball one happens to hanging out at the moment.

  2. Ahhhh, the wonder of YOU. And the wonder of your magnificence!

    Thanks for writing this beautiful post. It reminds US ALL, that we all have magic within us, and to let go of “needing to know how” is the key to whipping out the magic wand! 🙂

    Thanks for reminding us that we just need to TRUST. Trust in ourselves and in the universe. Trust that we ARE a part of the universe in it’s divine and grand plan!

    For me personally, your post was perfectly timed. No accident…and a little gift from the universe.

    This reminds me that ALL that we DO….it a gift for someone! Hmmmm. I think I need to write about THAT.

    As always…much Love & Laughter to you.

  3. Dear Henry,

    Yes, you are a magician! I have walked beside 3 sons as they grow and learn and mature. Can I just tell you that all of my training at CTI has made me such a better parent? I know how to listen–really listen, to be curious, to ask powerful questions, to be with what I think I can’t be with, to have a stake and recover to it. YOU and your wisdom and creativity are behind all of that. And, I would imagine that thousands would agree with me.

    You also point to a powerful concept—“All that I need, I have”. Thank you for reminding me of that. I can sometimes get swept up in the “maybe another this or another training or another class”. It’s all good, but I AM what I need–at any moment. And, it’s good to trust that!

    I also want to let you know that I am loving the “Love Story” of Karen and Henry that comes through in so many of your posts. You are both dear to me.


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