Working through the “Mood”

No matter how dark the mood    The sun will rise

No matter how dark the mood
The sun will rise

I woke up this morning in one of those “moods”, I have no idea why. I went to bed feeling terrific about yesterday. We did a great job with the parents and created lots of value. I came back to the room and had room service and did a fine job of staying conscious and I watched a movie about being an adolescent girl in the UK that ended happily ever after. I went to bed feeling simply grand. I must have had some interesting dreams. I do remember a kind of Icarus dream where I had wings and was flying all over the place. I don’t remember falling and I felt the inevitability of it. So I woke up sighing heavily and in a “mood”. Of course I immediately went into trying to figure out what was “wrong”, Of course it is my last day so I have the “It’s time to leave already and I can’t wait to get out anxiety” or I have the “Wonder if I will get it right before I go” worry, or I have the “shiny bit is over the next hill or around the next corner but definitely not here syndrome”. So my mind was busy running these possible “solutions to my problem” around and I noticed it wasn’t helping one bit. Like a complete idiot instead of plunking mySelf down into a meditation to clear my mind I opened my emails and thought, somehow, I would use them to help me focus and get mySelf grounded, then I went to my Black Lodge homework and visited the virtual lodge that contains all the communications of all the folks I am studying with and made up that maybe that would help ground me in my spiritual journey. Even as I type this I realize what a strange fool I am when I am in this “mood”. Somehow I think that doing the habits of my mind will be what help get me grounded when I am already swirling around in my mind. Then I have a comedy of errors in talking with Karen. We can’t connect by Skype and we are chatting with instant messaging and then talk on the telephone. It is great to hear her voice on the phone and I do feel more connected to mySelf. Actually when I get on the phone I am all ready to not write an entry in my blog and just talk to Karen and then stumble through my day from this “mood” place and let it all work itself out. While talking to her I realize that i need to write something in the blog. Of course as I start writing my Observer of mySelf comes out and I begin to see what I have been doing to mySelf this morning and I can begin to see other choices I can make. I begin to focus my mind, my heart, my spirit and my body to what is necessary and move forward on my chair and feel mySelf getting clearer and less captured by the “mood”. I am beginning to feel mySelf pointed into an exciting day of connection and transformation and I am thrilled about it. I am feeling my body wake up and the skin on my arms and the back of my legs is tingling as I settle into mySelf. I will step powerfully into this day and move through the transitions of the next 24 hours beautifully and Tomorrow I will be writing my next entry from Tel Aviv Israel. A whole new world.

4 responses to “Working through the “Mood”

  1. Hurrrrrah on releasing yourSelf from the grips of the “mood”. The mood is a slippery eel, finding its way into the smallest crevice of our powerful self. I like it that you’re all energized and tingling all over. I can’t believe you’ll be in Tel Aviv soon. Want to hear all about it.

    Welcome to the new world!

  2. Thank God you, too, get into a Mood. (which must be Capitalized)

    And thanks for writing about it, even if you didn’t want to. I think we all get ourselves into a tight knot and try all manner of ways to un-tie. (or usually, ignore)

    Writing it here is such Truth. And sounds like your Observer gets you right into yourSelf where all the good juice lives.

    Love hearing your human On Purpose living, Diamond Bear with Turtle energy!

  3. Hi Henry,

    Love your authenticity here as always.

    Ahhh, the Mood.

    The Mood….could it contain super-secret information…for your soul to decode? The Mood….could it in fact be a little gift waiting to be unwrapped? The Mood….could it be a signal that while standing in your humanity, you are teetering ever so slightly off your true soul path for just a moment?

    The Mood…it is a part of you (and of all of us). Here’s what I do with my moods: I give them a great big hug! and say “I LOVE you my mood, even when I don’t like you!”…..and then, I move along into the glorious day! Might work for you? Might not. And it’s what your post triggered….from over here.

    Much Love & Laughter,

  4. Henry,
    Blissfully stumbled upon your blog from Facebook in my adventures in cyberspace. Love the acknowledgement of “the mood”. In my completion with my group on Saturday I spoke about not only feeling bad, but then feeling bad for feeling bad. I read a quote once that “Life is like a ribbon; Are you tying yours in knots or bows?” It kind of reminds me of the mood, the harder you pull, the further it pulls you in.

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