Stopping For Some Reflection On This Adventure Called Life

Have a sit   Time to reflect on how amazing life is.

Have a sit
Time to reflect on how amazing life is.

Well here I am sitting in a waiting lounge in the Istanbul airport writing an entry on my blog. First of all I think there is a part of me that will always be a bit blown away by be able to casually say “Here I am sitting in the waiting lounge in the Istanbul airport”. I mean I never imagined myself sitting in this airport or any of the others I am visiting today. I never imagined myself swimming in the Persian Gulf (or the Arabian Sea), I never imagined myself leading a parenting workshop anywhere in the world much less in Dubai and I never imagined leading an R5 in Israel. And yet here I am living beyond my imagination in every step I am taking and every breath I am taking. How cool is that?

This is the third trip I have taken to Dubai and they all have been eye opening experiences. This one however has changed me in ways that I am not even fully comprehending yet. The work that I did and will do with the managers and executives at Emirates Bank NBD in Dubai has opened a window for me that many people I love have been trying to open for me for years and I have been very worried about letting the monsters in if I opened that window and low and behold the monsters that are outside need love too. So up went that window. I have wanted to see how the work I do could be pointed to particular constiuencies separate from coaching for awhile and for some reason keep creating for the niche that I helped create 17 years ago all safe and snug. With the Parenting Workshop I have reached out to a group of people, many of whom have never done any kind of workshop before in their lives and because of the work Gonan and I did they will have forever transformed relationships with their children. Their children will have parents that know how to deeply listen to them and include them in solutions and decisions instead of protect them from them. My heart is happy with the sparkle in the eyes that I got to see and contribute to.

On top of all that I got to shine up my own consciousness and help that neutral observer in mySelf develop a stronger voice. I got to catch myself sleeping and wake mySelf up. This midwest boy who grew up exposed to very little cultural diversity got to create friends from cultures that that little boy only read about in books. As this adventure continues I will head into a place where the three major religions of this world were born. I am off to explore a place of such condensed history that I have a difficult time even imagining it. I guess I am pretty stimulated.

Finally with all that excitement going on I need to remind mySelf to move with turtle medicine even when I get stimulated and excited and to practice Moderation 1/3 2/3s as I move through whatever worlds I am moving through.

I wanted to take this moment to thank all the folks who are reading and all those who are leaving comments. I love coming back from my adventures and finding some words of wisdom or encouragement or inspiration from old friends and surprise guests and perfect strangers who want to say hello. So Thanks all, I am off for some more adventure.

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