Evolution and Coffee

Evolving all of us to be leaders   That hold this sense of relationship   To the world

Evolving all of us to be leaders
That hold this sense of relationship
To the world

Well Karen and I have spent 2 1/2 days here in a lovely hotel on the beach here in Tel Aviv. Karen’s body has gone through the interesting jet lag journey of a body getting used to functioning 10 time zones away from where it spends most of its time. It is an interesting journey of calibration and adjustments as the energy finds its way to circulate, regenerate and do whatever else it needs to do to keep this body fully alive and brilliantly functioning. Today we take our fully functioning and energized bodies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem where we will become tourists in earnest and explore many levels of spiritual and secular history with walks, museum visits and conversations. Sounds good huh? After our immersion into all these layers of stories then we head off to a retreat center north of Tel Aviv where we will meet up with 25 graduates of our Leadership Program from all over the world and open up the new stories that are unfolding in front of us right now. How do we find the way to open up our beings and adjust our systems, just like we did with jet lag, to the energy of these new stories that are wanting to grow in energy and aliveness in us? What is the new ground of being that we need to find below our feet that will provide the solid platform for our evolution into these newly powerful and responsible leaders that we are? What is new in the air we breathe deeply into our lungs and our selves that fills our awareness with a sense of what is truly needed both in ourselves and in our worlds?

These are some of the questions that I am carrying as I walk through the historical wonder that is Jerusalem and as I prepare to meet with these evolving leaders. In this place that fostered such profound evolutionary steps so long ago in our history, yet so recently in the history of life, what is available for us to tap into and draw from to support our own evolution of spirit, mind, body and emotions?

Well how about mySelf, my mind, body, emotion and spirit? All seem calm and at peace and all seem open and filled with abundant expectancy. I feel ready for anything to happen and for nothing to happen. I am looking forward to growing my understanding and experience in all areas of mySelf as I step into this next part of this journey.

No More Coffee

No More Coffee

This morning I learned, definitively after some successful experimentation, that coffee is not good for me and that I am officially OFF coffee. I know that it isn’t about caffeine at all because my body seems to love Yerba Mate and tea’s, so it must be about the acids in coffee that make my stomach have an unhappy reaction and my sinuses go into some sort of expelling mode. So I am sad to say, because I do like the taste of coffee, goodbye to coffee. It now joins wheat, which I am increasing my consciousness around and is leaving my diet more and more somewhat more difficultly then coffee will, and white sugar which is only problematic in the forms where it is buried inside like deserts, ice cream and the like. I haven’t put sugar in anything for over 6 months now and this is a good thing. So bye bye coffee, wheat and sugar. Bye bye Starbucks.

Yesterday Karen and I took a 3 mile walk up and down the beach and sat in the sun by the rooftop pool of our hotel and the 2/3s part of my program is feeling like it is in motion again as we prepare for our historical walks around Jerusalem.

2 responses to “Evolution and Coffee

  1. Sigh…thank you for taking me on your trip around the world! Tel Aviv sounds devine. Power to you, Karen, and the gang of R5. Peace.

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