Accountability and More

No More Seat Belt Extensions!! :-))

No More Seat Belt Extensions!! :-))

Before I get to my “Deep Thoughts” 🙂 I want to hold mySelf accountable for my Moderation 1/3 2/3s program and speak to my consciousness or lack of it for a paragraph or so.

Eating – I have been eating very healthily for the most part the exception is the bread. There are lot’s of good breads and pastries here in Israel and passing them up has been a challenge to my restraint muscles. I have restrained myself from over indulging and I haven’t been able to restrain myself as much as I have committed to do. On the flip side, for the most part I am only eating 2 meals a day and occasionally eating 3 with a light lunch or dinner. The meals are filled with lots of fresh vegies, fruits and meza (hummus, baba ganoush and the like). I am practicing restraint at the buffets and I am being conscious while eating meals at between 70% and 90%. Considering all that is going on around me energetically, emotionally, and relationshipwise I consider this to be a win. The one thing I am going to practice more at restaurants where it isn’t so much about restraint is a bit more consciousness about leaving more food on my plate, and paying closer attention to my level of satisfaction as I eat my way through about half of my meal.

Moving – We are walking a lot. My calf muscles are building up and I feel my body creakily adjusting to all this cement and stone. When I come home from a day of being a tourist the first thing that happens is my shoes come off and I stretch my feet and legs out before I recline on the bed or take a seat. No swimming since Dubai and that is fine. I tried the pool in Tel Aviv and it was a bit too cold and the one at the hotel here looks on the cold side and we are getting so much walking in that it feels over the top to me. So I am very satisfied with my moving.

Seat Belts – Something that I didn’t mention before that is a big win for me and a bit embarrasing to admit is that I used to be big enough that on airplanes I would need an extension for my seat belt in order to buckle myself in. Well on the flights from Dubai to Tel Aviv – NO EXTENSIONS! This is worthy of celebration as a measure of shrinkage.

Deep Thoughts – As I pondered my Quandary yesterday and got some wonderful comments and notes from people like my sister the reverend Jen, my teacher WindEagle, Beth, Emma and my beloved Karen. It began to dawn on me that it is up to me to shift the Dream. I need to perceive the dream that is being dreamed around me, both the powerfully positive one and the destructive one, and weave my own dream into it, healing it and shifting it to one of a powerful spiritual and peaceful dream first in mySelf and then radiate that dream out into the greater Dream of Life that is unfolding all around me. I need to put different glasses on and see all that is happening around me from a life affirming and creative perspective. I need to live into Isaiah’s prophesy of peace being resolved here in Jerusalem for the whole world. I need to see that starting now. I need to shift what I see and feel around me from a torn apart and heartbreaking war of humanity to a deep desire to learn how to live together as one people with all of our differences. I need to think and see that inevitability happening all around me and within me. So as Karen and I head out today on our final day of being tourists in this remarkable place that has so much history, war, peace, religion and pilgrimage swirling in the air and buried in the stones, my job is to put on those glasses and see what I see. Then tomorrow it is to head off to meet with a bunch of leaders in an advanced Leadership Program and look with them at how to make this a world where we can all live as one people with all our uniqueness and differences. This should be fun.

2 responses to “Accountability and More

  1. Ohhhh…Henry…I absolutely love and admire what you are doing for YOUrself!!

    And oh my goodness…I have a lump in my throat..tears in my eyes…and and such a proud feeling in my heart..after reading about the Peace you are radiating into this world! I am with you Henry every step of the way supporting you, loving you and dancing with you my friend. Hug to you…Joanie

  2. Love the photo Henry!

    Congrats on losing the inches! Keep it up and thanks for role modelling staying… staying comitted to your goal, your work and yourself… very cool and inspirational. 🙂

    Was hoping to be with you for R5 but a place didn’t come free… Will have to be another time unless you let me know and I’ll jump on a place and come over! 🙂

    Keep up the good work,

    Boris x

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