Nailing It Down On Retreat

464482_blogIt’s Tuesday Morning, Day 1 of a six day Retreat 5. It is my intention to break through in my ability to maintain my practices while working in a Leadership Retreat. I began this process with the Wild Boars R4 a couple of months ago. In that retreat I got up early and sometimes wrote in my Journal/Blog and sometimes meditated and once or twice slept in, this in itself was a breakthrough for me at maintaining practices while leading a program. My main focus during that program, though, was maintaining my Moderation 1/3 2/3s program with meals, and I was very successful in that. I will continue to focus on 1/3 2/3s during this retreat and I really intend to meditate and journal/blog daily as a priority. When I am able to do this as a practice or even a habit I will have been successful at shifting the focus of my consciousness work onto mySelf and off of people pleasing and sacrificing mySelf to some self diminishing actions and habits that do not support this conscious self that I am building. This morning I woke up with enough time to meditate and write and shower and get ready for the day and I intend to do that every day I am here as a grounding and preparation for mySelf.

Yesterday was a good day around food. I practiced both restraint and moderation and most importantly consciousness while eating with other people at both breakfast and lunch and during my little nosh at supper with Karen. Restraint was applied at the breakfast buffet and some thing were left on the plate while having a conversation with Karen. We had lunch with Abi and Yosi, who are our CTI partners in Israel, at this lovely little restaurant in Zichron Ya’aqov, which is where the retreat center is for the Retreat 5. The food was wonderful and plentiful and it was actually easy and natural to see this large plate of food come to my table and know immediately that I wasn’t going to be able to finish it, to stay in relationship and conversation with everyone at the table and to stay conscious of what I was eating and to stop when I was done. Then to ask for a doggie bag, which for some silly reason has always been difficult for me, and take some food home for my supper later that night. Yay me.

Karen and I had a wonderful meeting with a hundred or more CTI coaches, leaders and friends last night in this beautiful spot. The energy was great and the conversation moved easily from the practical to the visionary and back and forth with what appeared to be engagement, listening and keen interest. I met all sorts of wonderful and committed people. People who have intention to have transformational impacts on organizations, education, and human beings in all walks of life. It is such a thrill to sit in front of a room full of people committed to investing themselves in a world that works, to feel their own personal struggle with the tensions and forces that pull them away from that commitment and then to feel them land squarely back in it again, whew that is great.

Karen and I are headed into leading this R5 with folks from Israel, Europe and North America and from just having finished the Leadership Program to being course leaders for CTI for 10 years or so. This retreat is made all the more exciting by the diversity and range of experience and the surprises that show up for people in what they know and what they thought they knew. It is a blast to bust things up and transform them and create an even more powerful leadership dream with these wonderful leaders. It is also great to be back in the saddle leading with Karen. Because we don’t get to lead together as often as we would like the growth we have had as leaders always surprises the other and it has us always recognizing and learning more about each other, just when we think we really know that person there they go and change again. It is a trip and a half to be me.

One response to “Nailing It Down On Retreat

  1. Hi Henry,

    I’m sitting here at CTI HQ and thinking about the amazing work that you and Karen are involved in half way around the world! I’m also appreciating the way that you are walking your talk. Yea for getting rid of the seat belt extender!


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